Need Help Identifying Tiny Bugs

katmoneysApril 29, 2010

I have recently noticed some *tiny* white insects with black head and white LEGS (look kind like lice/aphid) crawling in the soil of my newly started herb/flower inside garden. I noticed this shortly after I watered. I suspect they are immature fungus gnat larva, but they have legs and the research I found said that in their larvae stage- they are wormlike. But these guys have tiny legs. I have noticed only one flying gnat, but it looked too small to be a fungus gnat... I am confused. It's hard to identify these bugs because they are so tiny - need a magnifying glass(which I don't have) to really see the form of their body... Anyone have ideas?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Not fungus gnat larvae, which look like tiny legless maggots.

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