Abu Rawan tomato??

shankins123(7aOKC)July 3, 2012

Has anyone grown this one? It seems like a good one for our heat.


Here is a link that might be useful: Abu Rawan tomato

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Very interesting. I would like to try it. Do not underestimate Oklahoma's heat, though. The middle east cools down in early evenings unlike our round-the-clock heat depending on that year's season and also geographical location. In many places in the middle east one need only shade as there is a cool breeze fairly constantly. When the sun is removed in the early evening it is blissful. Oklahoma? Not so much.

My experience was in Jordan which may be a tad cooler than many places in Iraq.

So, I'm not experienced but Dawn suggests tomatoes need cool evening weather to set fruit? Anyone have any thoughts on this? I checked the current weather in that city at 3am it was 104 degrees. Maybe they'll be fine. Very curious, indeed. Only one way to find out!

Abu = "Fater of"
Rawan = Male name

"Named for the onetime caretaker of the greenhouses at the Agricultural College at Al Ghraib"

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I thought it looked interesting, too...thanks for your thoughts!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

You'll never know how it will do or how it will taste unless you try it, but I'll throw this out there: although I like this particular seed company a lot, I have been incredibly disappointed by many tomato varieties I've purchased from them. Hence, I've stopped buying tomato seeds from them for the most part. Almost nothing I've bought from them, in terms of tomato varieties that are exclusive to them or are being introduced by them, has lived up to their descriptions. I've found they sound so much better than they are in real life. More and more I am buying tomato seeds from other companies because the performance I get better better matches the description of it at the other companies' websites. I'm not saying that to dissuade you from trying this tomato, but basically am saying 'caveat emptor'.

Bon, Research shows the importance of temperatures, both high and low ones, on fruit set of tomatoes. Humidity plays a role too. High temperatures and low RH is not nearly as bad for tomatoes as high temperatures and high RH. I've had great fruit set in August with high temps in the 108-113 range while nighttime lows at the same time stayed above 80 degrees, as long as the relative humidity is staying low. At those same temperatures with high humidity, I get really poor fruit set.


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Ohhh...you're right, Dawn - I had heard that from another friend (about BS not being all that great).

I was just dinking around and came across that one and wondered if anyone had ever grown it - thanks!


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Thanks for the tips and clarity, Dawn.

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I'm growing this and another from Iraq this year. I had incredible germination of Abu Rawan seeds and the seedlings are all strong.
I had a brief discussion with someone stationed in Iraq on a forum. I asked him if the temps drop a lot at night.
He said they drop from the daytime temps of 100 - 114 to between 80 and 90 degrees where he is.
Sounds like a great option for Oklahoma weather if it can set fruit under those temps in Iraq.
I'm hoping these plants will produce when most of the tomatoes stop setting fruit.
I have no idea what they taste like, but any homegrown tomato is better than a store bought tomato or no tomato.

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Sounds like a great plan, debles. I hope you can keep us updated on how they fare. Looks like it'll be another scorcher, this year.


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Oh, good...since I'm the original poster of this thread (and had totally forgotten about it)...you'll have to let us know how it does for you - thanks!


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I ended up reseeding Nineveh since my original seed starting failed for that variety. Those transplants are small, but I ended up with 4 of them, several Basrawya and quite a few Abu Rawan. Some of the Abu Rawan plants have buds on them already, so they must be early producers too.
The person I had the discussion about night temps with is stationed in Baghdad.

As usual, Glacier was the first to flower and already has a tiny green tomato set. Last year Glacier was the first to set fruit, continued to set fruit throughout the entire season and was still loaded with unripe fruit when a freeze was forecast. I picked a couple ice cream buckets of green tomatoes from the two plants and nearly all of them ripened inside over the next few weeks. They're small tomatoes but very dependable and not bad tasting.

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