Tall Alexander Palms in Hawaii

siegel2May 26, 2014

These are some of the old Archontophoenix alexandrae palms growing along the stream on the property my wife and I own on the Big Island. They sure get tall and make a mess with all the fallen fronds!

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Awesome! I love the Alexandrae forest near Hilo. Love the Big Island and love Hawai'i, we go every year! Nice palms!

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You should see how big they get in habitat.When they grow in forests they really have to push high to clear the canopy. Once they're out in the sun they slow down. If you have palms you're going to have fronds, it comes with the territory.

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I hate when my tropical forest palms make a mess...
Well,I cant be too jealous..I do have King palms that some day will be quite the bit taller then the 20' the tallest reaches now. I also look forward to the day those brown palm trunks bleach out from years of sun ...to that nice white. If it wasn't for the delicate plants under them, a weak bleaching of the trunk might be very attractive.

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