Baby windmills from last season

wetsuiter(7b/8a)May 1, 2013

A friend in Rehoboth Beach has one of the largest and most prolific seed producing windmills in the area. He's allowed me to harvest the seeds to spread around the area. While scattering seeds today I came across about a dozen babies from last year along the edge of a park. Also saw one sabal (minor or palmetto) and another windmill seedling in a tree island in town Good to know my efforts haven't been in vain.

Two in this photo.

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Glad to see the seedlings sprouting up! I hear trachys are easy to start from seeds, great way to get them introduced to the area!
Thanks for sharing, I hope they thrive!

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Thanks Alex. I started experimenting with seeds three years ago after a trip to Savannah where I picked up seeds. I soaked and sprouted some indoors and tossed some into the garden. While the indoor seeds sprouted more quickly, the ones in the garden actually did better in the long run and are starting to grow after their second winter. The windmill seedlings are easy to identify because their strap leaves are curved and broad compared to sabals. It's just nice to actually see seedlings a year later.

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I bought all different variations of Trachy seeds...Takils, Novas, Princips, Tesans and Winsans. I bought a bunch of those Burpee seed starters with the moss discs...set it up almost a month ago and NOTHING. When will these babies sprout?
Frustrating isn't the word.

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Did you soak the seeds first? Are they in warm spot? When sprouting palm seeds indoors, I soak them for 24 hours, then place in sealed plastic containers with a moist medium. I put the container in my hot water heater closet, which is nice and warm. I usually check on them every week, until they sprout. Then repot.

The ones pictured about in the park werent cleaned or soaked, just tossed into the woods.

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Never soaked them. They are in constant very moist moss though. The heat may be the issue, the room they are in is at about 68 degrees.

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In the future, definitely soak them. Try moving them to a warmer spot. Above an old school refrigerator, above hot water heater, in a cabinet with small light bulb. As seeds, they don't need sunlight, but warmth. If days are warming where you are, put them in the sun. They should sprout soon.

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