Pot size for Rocoto/Manzano's

brien_nz(New Zealand)February 11, 2011

It is mid/late summer here in New Zealand and I have had the following results from my Manzano Amarillo's. The seeds were sown in early September.

1. The plant potted into a 25 litre container outside in a sheltered spot is about 80 cm high and 60 cm wide, bushy with many flowers.

2. The plant in a 12 litre pot in a windy situation is smaller, 60 cm high by 30cm with quite a few flowers AND several fruitlets up to 3 cm long!

3. The plant in a 24 litre bag in my greenhouse is similar to the outside one in the large pot, but not as bushy.

4. The plant in a 9 litre bucket in my greenhouse is 90 cm x 50 cm is gangly and pale green (N deficient)? BUT it has two fruitlets about 1 cm.

Should we be growing this variety in small pots (at least for the first year)? Does this apply to other varieties?

I would be interested to hear what others have experienced.


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Manzanos like root space though they fruit for me in 3gal. pots and bigger.

#15 pots is what I use mostly and a couple 20 gal. pots.

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brien_nz(New Zealand)

Just to follow up my posting, you are quite right smokemaster. The plant in the large container (about 35 litres on re-measuring) is thriving with many fruit, some already starting to colour. The plants in the smaller containers have only a few fruit, although the fruit are somewhat larger.

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I grew mine in 1/2 of a 55 gal drum

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Request for reliable sellers' information for Rocoto Manzano Orange seeds.

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E mail me,I have TONS of Yellow-yellow/orange Mamzano seeds.

I just cleaned 35lbs+ of fresh Manzanos.
ALL pods were 3 1/2 in. or bigger - BIG Pods.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Your trade list is awesome, smokemaster_2007.

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