After the flood!

chadec(N.C.7b)May 27, 2012

Lets just say it wasn't a flood, but livin at the bottom of the development. When it rains, it pours!

Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but we have some high humidity here. Finally got the bed back together.

Sabal recovering from mealy bugs.

No winter damage for any of the trachy's

My up right EE's are in need of something.....

Agaves and cacti are doing great.

Needle palm recovering from spear pull

Can't wait till T. princeps is large enough to plant.

Sabal Birmingham moving slow as usual.

Varigated yuccas are putting on a show.

No damage on pindo with only frost cloth.

This pindo was planted late after being purchased on discount for 10$. Its pushing out damaged spears. Not bad for being on the north side of the house.

Thanks for looking,


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Great pics! Wow, looks like you had a bit of a flood in your yard. Glad you got all that fixed up. Flooding isnt too much of a problem in my back yard, but the path in the front yard turns into a river every time it pours.
Your yard looks great! Not sure what to tell you about the upright elephant ears. Maybe the bulbs are small and thats what's keeping it small.
The princeps looks great! I want one of those so badly but I have no place to put one right now so Im just going to wait a few years and see what happens!

The discounted pindo looks really great for the price!

Your cacti/succulent bed looks great and your cannas are huge. They are MUCH taller than mine. The tallest ones of mine are only about 2 feet above the ground, I guess the bad side to them surviving the winter is not being able to give the bulbs a headstart indoors!

Thanks for sharing! Everything looks great and the forecast looks nice which means lots of growth!

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Thanks Alex. Good thing about princeps is both of mine grow great in pots. The guy Jim recommends is the place to order from. Much better palms!

Those cannas survived in ground with a pot over them. But I have never seen a more invasive or faster cannas in my life. I will have to remove a clump today. Because they are over running one of my needle palms.

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My pindo is doing stuff like that. I unwrapped it in early march and it looked perfect after the mild winter. But now its pushing out a partially burned frond (one side green, one side brown) and I had to cut off a large frond that fell limp and wasn't looking well. I think the latter might have been scarred from being tied up vertically and the coldest night damaged it further. Otherwise it looks well. Let's see what the summer brings.

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Wetsuiter my pindo and silver euro are doing that. But my pindo became infested. Now its growing fast.

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My two small Med Fans are healthy looking, but both pushing up new fronds with cold damage "rings". The large Med fan out front looks great.

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It must have been intense!

I wish we could get some more of that rain,
it is nice not having to water for the last 2 days-ONLY!

Your plants look great-whats the plan with the Princeps???

Chilly and rainy here....finally.

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Jim- We have been getting serious thunderstorms late afternoon. Our temps have been HOT and Humid.

My largest princep is about 3 gallon size now. So I'll start planning a location to plant it next spring. I am worried about its hardiness. I know Plant Delights nursery has not had any survive. But they do not provide protection either.

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Thats the best plant weather!

It used to rain here.....

Princeps is one I would not mess around with,
I loaded mine with X-mas lights and kept
it in an umbrella g-house to keep an eye on it
as it already had pulled before winter.

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We had great rain last night! Best in many weeks.

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Tropical rains blew through and other heavy storms too. I think all of the rain water is being diverted now. Next is to install a French drain.

Jim should I wait till my princep is much larger?

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They will get more hardy with size but
they grow faster in the ground-should like your climate.

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