Dormant Plumerias

fancyorchid(9a S.F. Bay Area)February 18, 2010

Well....yesterday was in the upper 60s here....I put all my Plumies in the backyard, by the back fence, here they get the longest exposure to sun!!

I watered them all(they still have a lot of leaves, except one) I said in a previous post, I've never taken them inside during the winter but kept protected from the frost.

We have "showers" forecast for tomorrow and the weekend, can they tolerate the "extra" moisture since they sit on the ground?

The one that shed all the leaves has little "claws" on top of it's three branches, should I just watered it once a week, or when it gets really dry....or should I just mist the "claws"?

The only one that went dormant was kept in a dark closet, I put IT outside only when it's sunny and warm!

I realize everyone I've given YOU a lot to "digest", I'd really appreciate any feed back!!!

Thank you for your patience,


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I dont think the extra moisture will be a problem as long as it is warm enough for it to dry out within a week or so. Plumerias are tolerant as a lot of things and as long as the pot has good drainage, it shouldnt have any problems at all. They cant sit in water though. The one that has the "claws" probably should get less water than all the others and I would water it once a week if its in the 60s and sunny.

Good luck!

Good luck!

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Hi fancyorchid.

Misting the claws does nothing for a plumie except maybe cause black tip from mold..I would probably just let the natural rains do that. I would never mist mine..

I would watch carefully the one that has no leaves, making sure that the soil dries out if you watered, and keep it out of the rain.

As for the others with leaves, as long as your soil mix has great drainage, the extra rain will not hurt them, epsecially if the earth is wicking the moisture out of your pots by setting the pots on the ground.

Take it from me, who had all mine in pots, not on the ground, where it rained 80% of my cool summer last year, and never lost a one to rot..

Be very watchful about your soil media. What may seem to drain well for you and dry fairly quickly, may be a different story for someone else...You will get a feel for your plants needs, if you are very intune with them and the soil, preferrably, soilless mix you use..:-)


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