Wow: Governor Declares Burn Ban For Some Counties

Okiedawn OK Zone 7July 14, 2011

This is another "wow, oh wow" moment, and probably not the last one we'll have this summer.

While counties declare burn bans fairly regularly, the governor does not.

Governor Fallin has declared a burn ban is in effect until further notice for the counties highlighted in red.


Here is a link that might be useful: Governor Declared Burn Ban Counties in Red

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I hope that people are using extreme caution if they absolutely must use any sort of equipment that could possibly backfire, strike a spark on a rock, or otherwise ignite our overly-dry vegetation. Each and every piece of broken glass in a field is also a potential and efficient fire-starter.

One thing that people often forget is that it is never safe to drive a street vehicle of any kind, including a motorcycle, into dry vegetation. The catalytic converter sits down low on the exhaust system and reaches extreme temperatures. The normal operating temp of the exhaust pipe is considerably more than enough to start a fire, but the converter is even worse.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Most rural people know, of course, about catalytic converters starting fires because it is so common here. We have those kinds of fires here all the time. Just had one last week, and the folks lost a brand-new Ford Expedition....the catalyltic converter set the grass on fire and the grass then burned up the Expedition. I think they live here, so am surprised they drove out into a field in these dry conditions. Sometimes I think that folks get busy and just forget.

The fires we're having here are big and bad. Bad enough that it seems like every day they're paging out all 15 departments in our county to one fire. Our best chance of stopping a grassfire and keeping it from morphing into a wildfire is to hit it early and often. Most of our fires this week have gotten down into rocky canyons that are hard to access. Today's was in a wildlife management area so wild and thickly overgrown that we had to send a guy up in a helicopter to find it....we could see it from the ground but couldn't get to it. It was a long hard day.

In the past week, fire activity here has just exploded. We're still a couple hundred calls away from having our busiest year ever, but at the rate we're going, this one may rank way up there.

I am so very tired and am headed off to bed and hoping the fire pagers don't go off tonight.


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That's it. I'm moving to North Carolina. Tired of this drought! So miserable. :(

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Boy, I really feel sorry for the guys who make their living doing metal fencing and welding repair work. What are they going to do until this is all over? One of the worst grass fires we had was when we had a guy welding on our fence. I can imagine that they are having to curtail all fencing until this drought improves.
Dawn, take care of yourself and your hubby. Sounds like you're running yourselves ragged.

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