My Psycho is living up to its name!

Andrew ScottFebruary 7, 2013

I have to say that I am starting to feel like I am going crazy being confined to my apartment while I recoup from these 2 surgeries.

To keep my mood more positive, I try to go and check out all my plants when I can. Today I was looking at my plumeria and what did I find? A new inflo growing on my fully leafed out Psycho!! I LOVE this tree, and I swear it's almost like my plumeria and other plants know what I am going thru, and they know that I am CRAVING blooms!!!

In the past 2-3 weeks, I have found more and more plumeria that are forming inflos. I expect in the next month or so to have several blooming trees.

This is a much needed boost that I really needed right now, and I am so happy to see these new inflos growing!!

I also am thrilled to say that I am gaining more and more sensation in my right leg!!


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That's great news, Andrew. Both inflos coming and the feeling coming back in your leg. Just don't over do now and make the healing take longer. You need to be at full recovery when it's time to move all your plants back outside. Peg

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Andrew Scott

Hi Peg,
Thanks. I am so great full for my friends Wendy,Laura,,Hetty,there are so many that all contributed to my plumeria collection. Without them I wouldn't have these trees with inflos and buds.

I realistically wont be fully recovered by May(when I can move all my trees back outdoors.) but I know I will have help in moving them back outside. Believe me, I wont be pushing myself AT ALL! After going thru this, and knowing that after this there really are no more options for me as far as surgery goes, I wont be pushing myself.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi ANdrew,

So nice to hear you are having good vibes from your Plumeria!! Also.. To have good feelings coming back to your leg!! WHOO HOO! It will continue to gain feeling, im sure of that!!! Good things happen to good people !!! I truly believe that.. Right Peg? ;-)

Andrew... I heard the message and you need to relax and take it easy.. No need to try and push yourself. You only have one body and you need all of your energy focused on healing right now. The inflos will continue to grow and then they will shower you with another gift later.. ;-)

Healing is needed now.. No trips down to the basement either. Deal? I know Jose will help, but you need to take this time to rest. The snow will be falling in your area this weekend, hopefully not like in Boston. Poor Mike. They are calling for 2 feet in his area. OMG!!

We would be on serious lockdown for a month if we had snow like that.

Here is a pic of my palms from last weekend.. This was the largest snowfall this year. I think we had 2 inches and that is pushing it!!!

Have a wonderful night and give your Psycho an extra smile knowing that the mother tree is ready to lose her remaining blooms soon. We are all excited, but saddened at the loss of her beauty. BUT... she will reappear soon to open our eyes to her magic!!

Take care ANdrew.. Im glad you are feeling somewhat better!!

Thinking of you both!!


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Andrew Scott

Hi Laura,
Looks like we are both up a late tonight and I will probobly be up for a few more hours till this leg calms down again.

Today was a really rough day for me. I just couldn't get comfortable. My leg pain reminded me of how it felt in the hospital. I did take it easy today only going to the basement 2x's for laundry. I try to limit it to 2x's every day when Jose is working. When he's home he does it for me. I just cannot trust that my knee wont buckle and then I fall down those stairs.

I am thrilled that my Psycho is going to bloom along with several others. I am just hopeful that the inflos will hold on till May, when they can go back outdoors for the year.

WOW SNOW IN VB!! Thanks for the pic, I did enjoy seeing it. My palm is growing nicely for me still. I cannot wait till it is as big as yours! We are only supposed to get 2-4in of snow during the day, and maybe1-3 in the evening. Tonight is supposed to be a mix of precip.which means freezing rain. I just hope roads are ok for people to get to work, and for kids to get to school.

I am going to try and get comfy in bed and watch a movie or something..take care and maybe tomorrow we can catch up? Call me if you a couple minutes.


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Take care of yourself, Andrew.Don't be too eager to get things done. Good luck. Bill

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Absolutely horrified by the thought of you going down the stairs into the basement, seriously?! How much sweat can you be generating, just let the laundry be, Jose will do it for now, you will make up for it in time.

Laura.... love your picture. How confused am I seeing those palms in the SNOW!!!! Did I mention I have a spare bedroom, and that it is home to a number of lovely Jungle Jack's plumeria's... come defrost. Bring the DH, I will help you.
And in light of Laura's picture, many people expressed concern that if I let my seedlings go dormant in the first year they may not make it, but just a quick note that they all went dormant and are all waking up, so happy!

Nite everyone, and a well deserved salute to Psycho!


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Hi Andrew! Yippee on gaining some feeling in your leg! Just an itty bitty question though... are you suppose to be going down the basement stairs? Hmmm?? I'm another to vote for Jose doing the laundry. Poor guy, I guess we can't run him ragged though.

I'm so jealous of all your inflos! But not really because right now I know those inflos are keeping you sane! HA!

I have one (cerise) but it has a ways to go before I'll see any blooms. DSP had an inflo but it shriveled up and feel off. However, it is branching. Divine keeps looking like its going to push an inflo but I'm beginning to think it's wishful thinking because it just hasn't happened.

I had the same snow as Laura and Peg but just a little more down here. Between 3 and 4 inches. Up until then my Sago palms were still green and beautiful but now all the branches are brown. They will flush out nicely come spring, though! My other palms, not large trees like Laura's, sailed through beautifully, of course.

Take care, Andrew, and enjoy all your happy trees!

Beautiful pic, Laura!

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Andrew Scott

Hi everybody. I really need to work on figuring out how to download pics here from the IPAD2. I would love to show a picture of my Psycho. So now we are in April and my Psycho has been blooming for well over a month now. I have 8 tips on this tree and right now still just the one inflo. I started spraying with Spray and Grow and I sprinkled the remaining of my Stokes Tropicals Plumeria blend arounf the base of the tree. The blooming inflo has 10 flowers on it right now, and the inflo is about 6 in across! Many more buds have formed on this inflo. I am excited to see how this tree will do over the summer!

Bill if your reading this thread, I wanted to ask you about the growth habit of this tree. Is it a fast grower? I have this particular tree in a 2.5 gal black nursery pot. I potted it up so that the pot would be 3/4 full of soil. I am wondering if I should just remove the tree from the pot and then add more soil or if I should just pot it into a 3 gal pot. This summer I plan on plunging most of my trees except for newly rooted cuttings. I hope your feeling better and taking good care of yourself. Also, I saw a pic of your Psycho tree on Face Book. That was a great pic of the tree!

If anyone else here can give me some feedback on how quickly this tree grows, please let me know!

Thank you,


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