Can I eat a green pumpkin?

joellenh(6b Jenks)July 11, 2010

Just finished pulling up the squash and pumpkin vines. They were woven into my fence, so that was fun.

One pumpkin is seven pounds so I hate to throw it in the compost.

Can we eat it? Maybe slice it and roast it?


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Yes. If it is really green and quite immature, prepare it like you would a summer squash. If it was quite far along but not completely mature, you might be able to treat it more like a winter squash. Without seeing how green it still is, it is hard to guess.

If you leave your summer squashes on the plant long enough, they will become really hard and tough and often warty and look almost like some winter squashes or gourds.

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joellenh(6b Jenks)

Thank you Dawn! It's very new and green. I'd say it's only been growing for under 2 weeks. There is a pic of it on the side in my basil thread. Yes, I talk too much.

But, check it out...I found a link to a recipe with a RAVE review on Cook's Illustrated. It calls for one seven pound green pumpkin. PERFECT!

I think I will try this out and let you all know how I like it.

Here's the review:

"Thanks for the link Katharine but after trying this recipe I'm never ripening another pumpkin ever again! OMG - this recipe is FANTASTIC! Now I'm sorry I don't have more green ones!

This is one of those dishes you get hooked on! Very New Orleans tasting - almost like a super rich, garlicky, artichoke/shrimp/crab gratin. I could see myself sitting in a Louisiana restaurant trying to figure out the 'secret ingredient'. The green pumpkin is very, very subtle.

Since I had to dig up potatoes this morning & didn't have time to hover over the stove I decided to steam the peeled pumpkins instead (which btw peel as easy as an apple when they're green). I set the timer & came back in 45 minutes. I let the pumpkin cool a bit and instead of squeezing the juice off through a colander I wrung it out in a dish towel instead - which seriously cuts down on the simmer time required in the second step. The rest of the recipe I followed exactly - what a treat!

Thank you to Emeril's Ma Ma! YUM YUM!


Here is a link that might be useful: Green Pumpkin, shrimp, and crab casserole

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