pygmy date palm

plant54May 11, 2010

Walmart had some sick looking pygmy date palms for $11.00. Being the sucker that I am I thought I would give one a try and put it in the greenhouse with the hopes of reviving it.

The leave are very dull green and limp looking. I repotted it in about a 2 fingers wider container, giving it a good watering afterwords. The palm is on a heat mat set at 70F for the root temp. On a good day it gets about 6 hours of sun and air temps no lower than 72F.

Ive had it for a few days without improvements. Is it a goner or are there hopes.

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def. keep hangin' on! many palms take weeks to acclimate... then start growing healthy and fast! where r u located what state? give it a little fertilizer if u haven't already. is the soil good draining also? im sure some more help will be on its way lol -Justin in VB

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Is it okay to fertilize when repotting palms? I have some to do and I haven't repotted them yet.
thank you!!

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