frond color's of the golden malayan coco?

us_marineJune 24, 2013

Yeah I know the golden malayan coco naturally has light green fronds with a yellow-ish tint. However, I've seen golden malayans that have darker green fronds than usual. Usually only young palms when you first buy them. but i've seen some older ones have darker than usual fronds as well.

The fronds on my coco before last were becoming darker green, well before it was sick anyway. It wasn't getting any more shade than normal, and it was getting about the same amount of water as well. I dont think i fertilzed it any more than usual either. So its a mystery. I've had a few others start to do that too. Only thing I can guess is maybe they were finally getting acclimatized fully? Anyway anyone else notice this? And does darker green fronds on a golden malayan mean its healthier or a warning that something isn't right? Just curious.

- US_Marine

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I treat my coco pictured below the same as I treated the others I mentioned above. And here is an update on how its doing now.

In the hot dry California sun. Its already seen many days 100f and above. Hottest day so far was at least near 110f.

In shade.

It no longer has the dark green fronds it once had. But over all it seems happy and healthy and is starting to actually grow fast now. I water ever few days unless temps are gonna be near 90f. Then i water daily. Humidity is always very low and its been hot. Don't really see much damage at all, although it does get shade at various times during the day.

- US_Marine

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Your coco definitely looks very happy and healthy! My golden malayan started out green, became a little bit lighter of a green eventually, and is now a pretty dark green. I don't know why it has varied so much with age, but it seems as healthy as ever since it is quickly putting out a new frond. I've seen healthy golden malayans that are almost completely yellow, usually those are like that their entire lives though. If they suddenly get yellow, then it's usually because something is wrong.

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