How Can I grow this Plant Inside?

LindainAlaska(3)February 16, 2014

My husband's uncle used to grow these tiny little red peppers that were delicious. He's since died and all I have left is a few dried peppers. In Los Angeles they grew to the top of his one story house. I live in Alaska so growing them outside is not an option. I have a few of them growing in a six inch pot - if I keep them pinched back to a reasonable height will they still fruit? Anything you can recommend? Any help will be appreciated!

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After the equinox, you shouldn't have an issue with sunlight. So, the next issue in line is warmth. Peppers like it around mid 80's, but there is some variance. As long as it's not hotter than 95F daytime or 75 nightime, they can do well down into the 60s/70's. There's many growers in THIS forum that do very well with peppers from Canada. I'm sure some will chime in with some tips/tricks.

My 1st thought off the top of my head --- greenhouse, in black containers.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Six inch is going to be way too small. You will want a minimum of 1 gal pot per plant when mature. And you need a container soil mix. If you know what you're doing you can mix it yourself but buying potting soil or potting ix at the store is much easier.

When you have some pots and soil ready, move the little fellows out of the little pot and stand back. Clip or prune only for space or shape. Otherwise warmth and light - and not too much water. Over-watering is a major cause of murder by kindness.


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Enough said haha.

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What variety of pepper is it? Can you post some pictures? Even in Zone 3, I would think you could get it outside for 2-3 months of the year which would be enough time for it to bloom and produce if it had a big enough head start. You should still be able to grow it entirely indoors and have it produce if you really want it to. I have had several plants produce peppers while growing indoors. But it is not very conveinient to try to grow pepper plants to maturity indoors. They take up a lot of room and need proper lighting, heat, soil and nutrients which are sometimes hard to provide indoors.

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