i really need help with these bhuts

bcrawfordflushingFebruary 6, 2012

Ok, I need some help guys. I know Ive only been at it for 3 days. But I think I might be over baby-ing them. I kept a log of all that I did. Plese give me some advise.

Feb 4th 2012 (Pre-Start): Put 5 seeds in damp paper towel, left in baggy all night @ 70* under dresser. Let 12 seeds soak 10-11 hours.

Feb 5th 2012: Planted 12 (PS) seeds in egg carton at 7am. Put all seeds in hot box @ 88* around noon. (Hot box is large plastic ammo can with tin foil liner. Using CFL light bulb to make heat. Cut hole in top and put light bulb through. Las light melted side. "110w") Watered a tad around 9. Lamp turned off @ 2am. Left to sit @ 70* until 10am.

Feb 6th 2012: Heat tuned on @ 10am. Watered generously. Later (9pm) 1-2 drops of water for each seed. Then put 2 soda caps (with small amounts of water) in egg carton. Hoping it will make it more humid. Kept @ 90* all day until 2am.

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Woah that's serious, not sure about that hotbox may be getting too hot on the inside. Also egg cartons don't hold enough mix or soil that you may be using and causing the soil to dry way to fast which maybe causing the seeds to dry out and die. I used last year the cardboard egg cartons never again roots don't like and it ends up retaining too much water and causes damping off fungus bad deal.

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My advice would be to turn the heat down a bit to closer to 85 and keep it there. I dont think varying the temps will help at all, maybe even slow it. Also, I dont know how you are monitoring the temps but be careful you are not cooking the seeds. Three days is nothing so I wouldn't worry yet. I would aim for 82-85 degrees constant and then just keep the soil damp, not wet and soaking. You should be fine.

I am using a heat mat with thermostat and a dual thermometer to control my temps...it is working like a charm. I have half my seeds sprouted in just six days from 9 different varieties.

Check my latest post on the SPROUTS thread. The link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: SPROUTS

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Thanks guys, I have a tempreture probe that I am running through a hole in the top. To measure the air temp.

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I hope all is well with your seeds, not sure if 5 is all you have or if you purchased a 10 pack of seeds, if you don't have any left let me know I still have a few left, I germinated about 20 Bhuts that are seedlings now, so I will have a surplus of seeds at the end of this season.

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bcrawfordflushing: Air temp and soil temp could be different. The air will warm and cool at a much faster rate than the air around it. But if you keep the starters inside an enclosed area and keep the surrounding air at a relatively constant temp, the soil and air temps should eventually coincide. you would be better off with probe in the soil itself. I am not sure if the one you have would be able to do that or not.

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Air temp and soil temp will always be different.

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Sounds like even if they sprout, you're going to "love them to death". Peppers *want* to grow, you don't need that tight of tolerances with heat/moisture to get them to sprout. Give them some warmth (65 - 85 degrees) and don't let the soil/seeds dry out, but, don't water so much that it's a swamp. That's about all there is to it.

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I agree with SHEETS - keep them moist, keep them warm and leave them alone. Also, if you need any more seeds shoot me an e mail I have plenty Bhut seeds.

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Agreed, the best way to kill them is to baby them. Bhuts are naturally slow sprouters, usually requiring 2+ weeks to get going (I've heard of them taking over a month as well).

I've currently got a half dozen bhut sprouts going (should have twice that within the next week), and it was very easy going with no lights or anything like that.

What I did to sprout mine:

1) Seed starter mix and those cardboard jiffy cardboard starter trays. Wet the starter mix (that was the hardest part really, that stuff does *NOT* like to get wet!), put it in the tray cells. Put one seed per cell right in the middle, cover over.
2) Put tray on top of satellite TV box. My DirecTV box stays somewhat warm to the touch all the time, and makes for an excellent heating pad.
3) Water whenever the cells are dry. Nice thing about those cardboard pulp trays, you can just look at them or touch them to see when to water, as they dry out. Give 'em a shot of water and wait to see that they turn dark again, and you're usually good for at least another day.
4) Wait.

Seriously, I don't track soil temperatures or humidity levels or anything else. I know from plenty of personal experience that the only way I get good results is to let the plants grow, not try and make them grow. Constant attention just makes things die.

If the plants aren't wilting, aren't turning funny colors, etc, then leave them be. I at least do more harm than good when I try to get fancy.

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Thanks for all the help guys ill do my best to gently guide them to growth

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This is an obvious case of Anticipatorius Terribilus. The prescribed treatment is a day of sunshine. Get out of the house, go for a walk, consider fish and the nature of fishing. Whatever you do, don't think about pepper seed or preparing places to plant peppers. Rid your mind of all such distractions. Think about sunshine and fish!


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Fusion Power to the rescue.

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I have had high success rate with potting soil in plastic starters under a domed tray with a controller on the heat mat. 80-85 degrees will give you the fastest germination (In days, not weeks). Colder temps will slow germination. Note that a heat mat without some kind of regulation will usually build up way too much heat. Egg cartons are awful for many reasons. Don't use them.

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I am with Capoman, I just use a 72 cell tray under a dome on a heat mat and get about 95% germination rate. Usually get them to all germinate in 6- 12 days. Seeds can take up to 30 days to Germinate. Be patient. Get them out of the dome when they pop out and into the sun. Good Luck.

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Thats my setup as well, except no heating mat - just a south facing window... Here in Fl (and especialy with the weird weather we are having this year) I'd be worried about cooking the seeds.

I have the 72 cell with peat pods, and the 72 cell soil varieties, and I think I like the soil version better. Its a little easier to keep it at the proper moisture level. things seemed to sprout faster as well.

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I agree with Jsschrstrcks. Peat pods are very hard to control moisture. They work better for cuttings. Seeds seem to do better in soilless mix. I usually start my seeds under 6500K T5 HO lamps. I can leave them under those lights until I'm ready to plant outdoors. If I want an early harvest, I'll put them under a large LED until ready to go outdoors. I have gotten peppers two months earlier by doing this. They were flowering before I even put them out.

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Jsschrstcks: One other note. Peppers do like warm roots, warmer then the surrounding air, especially when they are young. I would keep that in mind when you are growing in the window.

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aye - its been 70-75 ambient in my garage, and around 80 in the direct sunlight.... the trays being black, and the dirt as well, soak up the heat of the sun rather well...

I used a laser temp checker to check the temp of the black plastic, and the soil, and it averaged about 82... So we are still in the sweet spot.

This weekend is going to be cold... I'm planing to bring some of the more sensitive ones in the house, and put most of the others that remain un-planted into the garage.

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