Termites in flower bed

bshaw96April 11, 2008

When doing some work in the flower bed around my house today, I found termites in the mulch. Needless to say, I'm freaking out. Was hoping it was ants, but they look just like the ones I'm seeing on the internet. Anyway, we just put wood mulch down about 6 weeks ago. I have no idea if that started it or it was just coincidence. But that's not my question. I do not think they've made it to the house yet, and we're going to be spending the next few days pulling up that mulch. Plus we've scheduled an inspection next week just to make sure. But in the meantime, other than getting up the mulch, is there anything we can do??? I can't stand the thoughts of these things so close to my house. And the mulch looked so nice and my flowers were just thriving, ugghhhh. Any advice appreciated!

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I'm guessing that you could smother them with an oil/water mixture. No harm in trying.

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