My 2 adenium seedlings

Andrew ScottFebruary 3, 2011

Last summer Dave in Nova, sent me 2 nice adenium seedlings and an Aztec Gold plumeria. All are doing well right now. The Aztec Gold is starting to come out of dormancy.

What has amazed me most is the one adenium. Both have been growing all winter. I suspect because they were under the HPS light.

What I would like to know is how long it will take for the adeniums to bloom? The one that is the largest now is well over a foot tall. It continues to grow taller, but it only has a few small branches at the bottom of the plant. I also am wondering about this hole at the base of it. It's not rotting. I got it this way but I wonder if rot could settle in. I don't keep it too wet so that does help.

Can you cut an adenium to help it branch? My only concern with this is that I cut off the tip and then I sacrifice any potential flower buds. Can an adenium bloom any time of year?

As you can tell, I am new to adeniums. I tried growing them once before many years ago and just last summer I gave them another shot.

These are the only 2 I adeniums I have and I would like to keep them happy, healthy and blooming.

I also wanted to know if there was a certain time I should be feeding them and do they prefer any higher number in the fertilizer ratio?

I also want to thank Dave again for sending me these great adeniums, and as soon I can post pics of them, I will.



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Hi Andrew. In addition to my 40 plumeria plants, I have about 10 adenium plants. Most of my adeniums bloom in the heat of Summer. But I have had a few bloom in early Spring, or late Fall. I'm trying to keep them somewhat dormant by not over watering. The worst thing you can do is over water them. Yes, I would only feed them a high phosphate ratio fertilizer like Miracle Grow Bloom Booster, or something similar. If you have a plant that is over a foot tall, it should bloom next Spring or Summer. I've never dared cut my plants, but I'm sure they will branch out if you do.

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One of mine bloomed after 3 years but some others that were started at the same time took longer. I've read several postings that say they'll bloom the first year from seed but that's never happened for me. Most of mine bloom during the summer and continue blooming for quite a while. I have one that bloomed a second time starting in early Dec and going until a week ago. There might still be some unopened buds, I should take a look. I was surprised that it bloomed again because the greenhouse gets pretty chilly at night, around 50 F.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Andrew,
Congratulations on you new DR's...

I have two that are dormant right now, and one is under lights and blooms on and off...this is the first time I have kept one growing during the I'm in the testing phase with them!!

My baby DR...that was given to me by a very kind person... : ) is doing is still active and I have it sitting on a heat mat with a few of my new Plumeria babies. I have seen some growth on my dormant DR's...I think they are ready to "wake" up like the rest of my Plumeria.

I cut my Dr's in the spring, right before I put them outside...however, I did cut some branches off of one of my dormant trees several weeks ago...Yesterday I was inspecting them and I noticed new growth near the cut point. I guess that I wanted to see what would happen...It surprised me to see new growth on a dormant tree...I don't water them very much either..but I do give them more water then the Plumerias...

They really like the direct sun..I give them the same type of fertilizer as the Plumeria...even seaweed extract and Fish emulsion...they seem to like all of it!!!

Hope all is well with you..

I'll be chatting with you soon!!!

Take care everyone!!!

Laura in VB

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