Moschata varieties are worth it.

newhippie(6b)July 19, 2011

This year I planted lemon squash, tatume squash, and rampicante, (which is just now starting to form fruit.)

Some of the vines look pretty bad, like they still got hit by SVB, but they are still producing, so I am gonna keep watering til they keel over.

I haven't seen near as many bugs this year, last year it was like a horror movie, I had planted all the regular summer squash and zucchini.

Today I put up 5 quarts of lemon squash, and we ate our first tatume. There are many on the vines that will continue to go in the freezer. Since tomatoes have been such a disappointment, I am grateful for these squash. I will plant them again based on their reliability. And I thank this forum for the recommendations.

I do have about ten regular squash-pattypan and zucs, that are about to ripen, and I am scouting and killing eggs and bugs. I planted them late, so I hope I can at least a few vegetables before they are decimated.

I can't wait til fall when I can use the frozen squash in soups.


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Rampicante is slow and the vine is huge, but it is worth the wait. Mine was later than usual this year and we ate the first one yesterday. The vine has gone up a cattle panel arch and down the other side making it already 16 feet long. It had a ton of male blossoms before it began to set fruit, but it is going now.

Last year I pampered summer squash plants through Spring and Summer and they all died before I got the first squash. They were in the ground and heavily mulched. The year before I had them in containers and didn't have a bug problem. This year I didn't even bother with the other summer squash and just planted rampicante.

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