What is everyoneâs watering ritual?

Bill_Missy(8b)February 27, 2013

Hello everyone,

Just curious more than anything. How does everyone water their seedlings and or plants? I water my seedlings using tap water with a Turkey Baster, giving them about a ý an ounce of warm tap water every two days and only watering at the base of the plant and try not to get on the leaves. It seems to be working well so far.


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When it looks like the soil is drying out, I pour just a little water that I've let sit out to evaporate the chlorine off into the bottom of the trays and water from the bottom. I like the turkey baster idea though.

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I do the same as ab2008, let the water sit in my open watering container, then water as needed individually, most of the time it's all at once but there are times when a plant or two holds more moisture and I hold off until it needs more water. I water at the base and not on the leaves.


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My seedlings are now in pots with holes underneath, and those have some aluminum foil wrapped under them to avoid leaks. This makes it a little hard to water from the bottom, so I just use one of those tapered watering cans to give them just enough water to soak through once they've dried out completely.

What's the problem of getting water on the leaves? I sometimes get the fan going after watering, thus this evaporates pretty quickly.

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

My seedlings are in shallow pans under lights. I bottom water, using a very weak solution of chamomile tea. This (IMHO) keeps away fungus gnats, and prevents 'damping off'. I water when the soil seems to be drying out. Just lift one pot, and pour from a 2-litre pop bottle in which I keep my 'tea'. Refresh the tea weekly and if fertillizing, add a bit to that.

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I fill old milk jugs (4L) with tap water, let them sit out for 3 days to evaporate chlorine and other crap then I wait until my soil is nearly dry by sticking my fingers into the soil about an inch or two then I water them until I see a bit of run off, it's probably not needed but it works for me.

My seedlings are watered with a rooting solution at 1/2 strength and I water my peat pellets with approx 2 tsp of this rooting solution.

Once I see roots out the bottom I transplant, then start normal watering after 2 days

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

At first, I use a spray bottle to keep the upper mix moist. Once the seedlings are a bit more sturdy, I use a bonsai watering can. The water flows right through the mix, and I dump any excess water in the tray.

Many municipalities have switched from chlorine to Chloramine, which is much more stable and will not evaporate. If your water has Chloramine, don't bother setting your water out (other than to bring it to room temp).


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Is it bad for plants?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It's another chemical to consider...
but I would worry more about alkaline water (7.5 pH and higher) than Chloramine. I add a teaspoon of white vinegar to a gallon of my 7.6 pH tap-water to bring the pH down and help the plants absorb nutrients.


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As far as seedlings go I use a spray bottle. When growing in pots I let the whole container dry and plant wilt then I water. I got good production with overly hot peppers though like this. I know this is true because if you ever grew radish and did not water enough they are spicey! This season I want to grow a lot of not so hot jalapenos so I will water much more and go for full production with milder peppers.

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Once seedlings are transplanted to individual cups they reside in shallow pans under lights and I bottom water 95% of the time. If a loaner cup is in need of a drink, I'll take the water bottle and give the soil a few spritzes trying not to get water on the leaves or the stalk/trunk. The least amount of water on the main stalk, especially at the soil line is in my opinion best avoided.

I also will run the fans a bit longer at watering times.

I like the turkey baster idea too, will have to stop at the $ store and pick one up to keep in my grow room.


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I'm very low tech. I have a rain barrel, and I have my plants in dirt (yes, actual dirt). When the mature plants start to wilt, I water them. Thats really about all I do.

For the seedlings, I water whenever the top of the soil looks particularly dry, and just use some peroxide in a spray bottle to prevent damping off. Haven't lost a single plant to damping off since I learned that trick.

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Yea. I found that was a issue when I used topsoil in a container to start seeds. Otherwise, for young plants I had no problems using "dirt" in a container besides a bit slower growth.

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