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brian6464(4a)February 28, 2014

So I have a bunch of seedlings as shown in the pictures below. They got a little leggy since I left them covered in trays a bit too long, but most look ok and are starting to get more color.

They are currently in my basement under a 6 bulb T8 light fixture on a 12 hour cycle.

While they have colored up a bit, they have not really grown at all since I put them in the basement. Ambient room temp is probably 55 degrees. I have yet to see any sets of true leaves. These all germinated between 5 and 8 days ago.

I'm in Minnesota, so I have 3 months before these go outside for good. I obviously have time, but just wondering what my best next steps are for these.

Should I have them in a room at a higher temp initially?

Should I repot them to 4 inch pots now and bury the little ones to just below the leaves?

Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Another pic.

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55 is a tad low, but you should get some radiant heat from the bulbs. Can you take the temp of the soil? It doesn't need to be in 80's like for germination, but it should be warmer than the 50's/low60's. Also, if they're chinense, they are SLOW! Including that 1st set of true leaves. Mine have been up for over a week and nothing yet too. I wouldn't worry too much. Probably a bit too cool for when the light are off though.

Get the light almost touching them for now.


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Yes, I forgot to mention, I think they are all Chinese. One set of twelve is a Chipotle Jalopeno, otherwise they are Paper Latern, Scorpion Pepper (Butch T and Moruga), Hot Lemon, Yellow Bhut and White Hab.

I'll check the soil tomorrow.

Should I be repotting and burying right now? I've got some that will need to be split.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Main reason (I think) for leggy seedling is lack of light.
I guess, you light source is kept TOO FAR from the seedlings. Try to keep the distance at 1/2' TO 1 INCHE.

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Seysonn, my light is currently an inch from the tallest seedlings. They are leggy because I left them in the covered germination tray too long.

I guess I was mainly wondering if I need to get them in a warmer room and if I should repot now and bury them deeper.

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Nah. You're fine for now. Wait until the get at least a set or 2 of true leaves.

Just leave the lights on(for warmth) until you can check the soil temp. it won't hurt them. You just don't want to do it too much -- plants need their sleep.


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Greets brian6464, good to see a fellow Minnesotan here. I'm pretty new to this but have found it's all in the light. I have a Carolina reaper and a Maruga Scorpion with 4- to 6 leaves that are less than 2" tall. The only way my set-up differs from yours is I have a greenhouse (so to speak) in my living room temp stays at 65 no matter what. Also I use one cool white bulb and one aquarium bulb per fixture. Not sure about the majic, but my cool white seedlings last year flopped, yet my multi bulb plants look like they have a chance. Prehaps a light guru can let us know why that is.

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If you can warm the roots up some, that might help. Also, getting them as close to the light as possible, and leaving it on for longer every day. Twelve hours doesn't seem like that long, eighteen would be much better.

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