root rot on my blackfoot daisies? (larger photo)

apsdecaturApril 10, 2012

Is this root rot that has gotten my Blackfoot Daisies? I had the same problem in the same spot last year with my coreopsis. The same ugliness has taken over a part of my mums in another part of my garden.

What can be done?

Image link:

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i still cant see whats going on very well ...

but i am wondering about the soil color differences ... when you have divergent soils .. it can lead to water problems ... especially if the potting media ??? .. holds too much water.. and the native soil does not allow proper drainage ... [clay??]

bigger pic???.. or more facts please...


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What you see in terms of different soil colors is the original potting media in which the plant was planted when I purchased it. And, yes, the original soil is red clay. However, the red clay has been amended going fairly deep over the last couple of years. Plus, I haven't had problems in most of my garden.

So, I can't post a pic in my reply, so I'm not sure how to get a bigger pic posted without another duplicate post. I can describe it, though. The top of the plant is doing fairly well, but at the base of the plant and going up a few inches, all the leaves and foliage has turned brown and dry and has curled up. Kinda looks like it's been burnt. I didn't notice any other symptoms I've seen mentioned in other posts, such as any white film or anything.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i will stand by water management issues.. IN THAT ONE SPOT ... its your second failure.. in that spot ...

was the plant just planted .. this early spring???? .. if so.. add transplant shock to the above ...

i am loathe to jump to disease in early spring my world.. which is z5.. its a usually a warm or hot soil thing .. hot nights.. etc ... not a cool spring issue.. but i will defer to warm zone peeps opinion in that regard ...

link to a better way to post pix .. and then paste the HTML code right where you type.. on preview.. if you see the pic.. we will see it right in your post ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Yes - new plant added early spring. It's been an unusually warm spring here, but not sweltering, nor has it been hot at night.

Posting better pics below. Thanks for the posting advice!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

super.. you are very trainable.. lol ..

you started with a tight clump ... yes??

on transplant .. its flopped a bit.. yes ... opening the middle and showing you what you probably didnt see ..

i look now.. to the tips.. and they are all upright.. turgid.. full of water.. and look just dandy ..

if it was a root rot ... and the roots stopped working properly ... one would expect the growth tips to be failing.. not looking good ...

with hosta.. i used to take masking tape.. and at planting.. lightly tape the stalks.. so the plant does not flop.. until the roots pump enough water .. to hold them up itself ...

but for form.. your plant looks pretty happy ...


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