To all who received my Chocolate Habanero seeds.....

Rustacator(9B)February 14, 2013

from the 5th Annual Tomato & Pepper Seed Exchange, just to let you guys know I missed labeled the Chocolate Habanero seed bags. The labels should of said Jamaican Chocolate Habanero.

I just came across one of the baggies I had left over with seeds in it still and i was like... huh... oops. For some reason when I was making labels up for the Seed Fairy, the Jamaican part got cut out before it was printed. Sorry guys I didn't catch it before they got sent out. But, all in all, they are still a great hot pepper.

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Off with his head!!!


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Uhhh... What's the difference?

Are your bags signed? I got CH seeds from the Seed Fairy, but I don't recall that they were signed.

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Yea I signed them.

This is what they looked liked:

And they were supposed to look like this:

[ EDIT: ignore the red squiggly lines and the cursor mark between the 00's. I took screen shot of it in MS Word. :p ]

I think the difference between them is the Jamaican Chocolate Habanero is they ripen faster "also 85+ days to mature", slightly smaller pods, more heat " about 450,000 SHU's "and more flavor to them. Versus the Chocolate Habanero which takes a little longer to ripen "also 100+ days to mature" little less heat "about 300,000 SHU's" and they are a little more sweet. Of course I can be wrong. :)

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Same as Jamaican Hot Chocolate?

Here is a link that might be useful: I've got a couple packs of JHC seeds to give

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