Calling Armageddon......

peppernoviceFebruary 23, 2013

Dear sir,

I have heard you talk about your face melting bhut jolokia peppers for some time now. I received some of your seeds from ottawapepper. They are labeled bhut jolokia....armageddon 2011. I have made 2 attempts now to try and germinate some seeds. I have so far been unsuccessful. This is the only pepper seed I haven't been able to germinate. I typically soak them in warm water for about an hour, then place them into potting soil. I put them in a sealed container on top of my hydro farms heat mat. I have the digital thermostat set at 87 degrees.
As I said, this is the only seed(out of about 20 varieties) that I can't seem to germinate. Do you have any suggestions? I was really looking forward to sampling your "world famous" ghost peppers this year.


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Wow Tim, sorry you're having trouble with seeds I forwarded.

It's getting late to start Bhuts. I just got back from floating on a boat in the Caribbean (life is tough), give me a day and I'll send some of my Bhut seed your way.


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I appreciate the offer Bill. I still have some bhut seeds from last year. I have about 4 seedlings right now. I just wanted to grow out some of the seeds from Armageddon, because he talks about how hot his are. I just wanted to have a side by side comparison. I have plenty of seeds from my plants last year, so save your seeds for someone who doesn't have any. Thanks again for the offer though.


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Welcome back to the "Cold North" Bill! How was the trip, where did you go? Did you go all inclusive? :)

I send you an email yesterday in regards to the Twilights.

Talk soon!

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Tim, have you heard from Armageddon yet?

Dhelsdon, -insert explicative here- Canada Post. You have email.

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No sir. I haven't heard from him. I just assumed he was busy. I have the bhut seedlings from my own seed stock. I just wanted to try his. I didn't know if it was environmental , or if his strain was just that much hotter. It's okay, I was just curious. Glad to hear you made it back from vacation safely. I hope you had a great time.


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