Palm Seed germination

acaryofyllisJune 19, 2013

Hi, Recently I have purchased Palm Seeds (Cocos,Bangalow and Pigmy Date) from eBay and have planted them in plastic trays with drainage holes with Potting Mix and Peat Moss and Seed Raising Mix. I have had them planted since early May wrapped in a plastic tarp inside a plastic Coldframe and am a bit concerned as to why they haven't germinated yet. I have found a seed in the soil that HAS NOT GOT ONE ROOT YET!!. Should I be concerned?

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The "Cocos" would be Syagrus romanzoffiana. They generally germinate quite readily. In fact in many areas they've been declared a weed and are being removed by councils.

The Bangalows, Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, are also generally easy to germinate.

Pygmy Date, Phoenix roebellenii, I don't really know, but on another forum recently I got into a discussion with someone whose palm had seeded and produced lots of seedlings.

Most palm seed tend to be slow to germinate, some of them taking over a year. Those of yours are faster than that but you probably need to have them warmer. I usually put them in ziplock bags with some sphagnum moss and keep them on the fridge. You can see through the bag how they're going. Soaking them for a day or two beforehand also helps.

Early April I set up about a dozen different species, already had a couple from last September and then added a few more in May. It's been a very mixed result so far, the majority haven't shown any sign of germinating while some are going gangbusters. You need a lot of patience with palm seeds, I wouldn't be concerned yet with yours.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

i generally find those to be rather easy,usually within 1/2 months with much better results with temps above 75
Might add that I've had very poor results from purchased seeds .usually go ut and collect my own then I'm sure they're fresh.
I would give yours more time as long as they haven't rotted . I have some "Bungalows going on 6 months but stll seem quite firm .So, since there really isn't much choice will wait longer lol Good luck gary

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