New Gardenia this spring

wetsuiter(7b/8a)June 13, 2012

I've had a daisy-like flowering gardenia for years. It does fine and right now it's in full bloom. I can't argue with the fragrances that I can smell even in my house when the breeze is off the water, but the flowers don't last long and don't impress. I added four Crown Jewel variety and so far, they're impressive. Not a huge blossom, but equally beautiful to the more tender, old fashioned varieties my neighbors all have.

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Wow, it looks really nice! I have the normal variety growing in a pot and I have Frostproof that I grow in the ground outside year round and the fragrance is nice on both, but the blooms are usually larger on the normal variety!

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And you can see we got a little more rain. Not much, but every bit is helpful. :-)

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