Repotted Areca

cmventuraJune 21, 2013

Thank you all for your wonderful advice. I decided to repot. I really did not want to risk losing the palm, since it looks so nice. It was in a 16x16 pot, so I upgraded it to a 24x24 pot. Much larger, has plenty of new, good soil to keep growing. Topped the soil with lava rocks, looks very Hawaiian. Again, thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it. I hope he's happy in his new home :)

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Another shot.

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Maybe you don't plan on it but if you ever need to repot again, you will have to break the pot. Do you see how the pot begins to bulge outwards towards the top? Imagine now that new roots fill the soil spaces, the rootball will eventually fill the undercut. You won't be able to slide the rootball out.


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Very nice! Your yard looks beautiful too! I agree with xerophyte, you might have a hard time repotting it in the future because of the shape of the pot, but it does look very nice right now!
Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Alex and xerophyte. I'm not too worried about the repotting. Since I upgraded from a 16" pot to a 24" I think it's good there for 3-4 years, then we shall see what I do with it, maybe I'll move it to a different spot and plant it somewhere else. I don't mind breaking the pot at all, I know it's just a temporary home, my concern was that the Areca would keep growing healthy which I think now it can for 3-4 more years.

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