Need help with chlorotic king palms

jujubrazilJune 26, 2014

Two years ago we moved to a new home with deep green, lush king palms in the front yard and very chlorotic palms of the same species in the back yard. They have half as many leaves as the ones in the front. The leaves are mostly yellow with brown tips and dry prematurely.
Since then I have tried many things.
A year ago, we dug the soil 2 ft deep and mixed in organic compost. Increased the water. All the plants came back but the palms remained sick.
This spring, I treated the soil again with chelated iron in the recommended dosage and also osmocote. No changes in the palms, however, some plants around them burned with all the fertilizer.
I don't know what else to do... It puzzles me that I have the other healthy king palms in the same soil... My garden is heavily planted so I am considering injections at this point to avoid harming the nearby plants with too much feed. Please help?

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stevea07(7 AL)

What's your soil p.H.? Did you use the right iron chelate for your soil?

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More water. They sound water stressed.

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Also..they are very sensitive to winds. If the front are sheltered,and the back are getting all the wind in your area,maybe wind funneled?...King palms desiccate easily in those situations. Again,more water helps.

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Water, water, water. I used to have the same problem, then I started watering more often and more deeply and now my Kings are huge and very green. Water is very important, especially when the weather gets grossly dry (Santa Ana winds).

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