will my coconut disconnect from seed?

mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))June 14, 2014

hello, rather hard to put this in a way that's easy to understand.

so when a seed germinates the seed husk come off basically will the coconut do the same when it reaches a certain age/height? and will it support its self?

in southwest UK, palm is outside from 11am till 6pm (hottest and brightest part of day) and in this week alone it's grown 10" on young frond and has put up a new one at about 3-4" so it's growing well!

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))

the kink in the found is where it was at in Monday, the tiny bit below on finger is the new one,

(I keep it in bathroom at night as it's 30ðc all day/night)

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The husk comes off well after it's germinated. It'll be there a long time. And depending on how fast it grows, it could even stay attached a few years. That temperature is great for it (night times at least) but it will be missing the intensity of light, especially when you go into your winter.

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))

I think I ment shell, the outer most part of seed.

the light; so a while back I got a grow light at moment it's a basic 125watt 6400k that has sustained it over winter. it was doing so well then I repotted it into bigger pot, I forgot to add drainage so I was so careful on the amount I watered, and it turns out I was under watering it and it started to brown and dry up the fronds, so I put it back into its 4ltrs pot abd now it's back healthy! :)

I put it outside during day when it's a clear sky we get temps of 25-30ðc a d cloudy 18-25ðc so at moment it's okay and going to grow well. but I inow I need a 600w bulb to even get close to the sun! lol!

but thank you

I'm assuming g you live where they are common? how long do they take under the 'perfect' conditions to grow it's first true frond? mine is a year and half old,

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I do have quite a lot, but have never really taken note of growth rates. However, it does vary with the amount of sun or shade they're in. But I guess in perfect conditions probably a year or so.

With a coconut, you have the husk (which can be seen in your photo) which surrounds the shell (a thin but very hard substance) and inside is the "meat" or kernel from which the seedling grows. The husk, shell and what's left of the kernel comes off in one piece. Not good to force it before it's ready.

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mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))

hmm, so when it's ready the whole coconut fruit will just come away when ready, most likely when it's finished using the nutrient rich "meat"
and I have noticed that depending on the light on how intense the green is in the fronds.

thank uou :D

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