Disease identification on lilac please

wpark2419May 15, 2012

I bought a dwarf tinkerbelle lilac about a month ago. It was doing very well after I planted it until about a week ago. I noticed the leaves started turning brown and curling upwards, though it was still flowering. The flowering has mostly stopped now (it may be done, I'm not sure) and all the leaves are very sick looking, brown and curled and very dry, almost crunchy. Someone said it looked like powdery mildew even though there's no powder so I put some anti fungal spray on it 4 days ago and it's still looking bad. I usually water it every day on warm days. I've looked it over and cannot see any bugs, or evidence of bugs. I will try to upload a few pictures (sorry about the quality, the wind was blowing). Any ideas would be appreciated.

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My Lilacs get Powdery Mildew every year and I have never seen it do that. I have seen Lilacs do that where someone has sprayed a "weed" killer nearby, even if none of the "weed" killer has contacted the leaves.
You might also look closely to see of that Lilac has Borers.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

weird spring.. lost almost all flower on my 10 foot plants.. lost to frost/freeze ....

how many frosts and freezes since you planted it ..

the PM might be secondary to cold problems ...

any history of such ..


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kimmsr...I haven't sprayed any kind of weed killer or anything in my yard. I looked, and I don't see any evidence of borers. I did notice one tiny spider web...not sure if it's what's causing the problem or if it's just a spiders web. It's very small though. I cannot see any bugs or holes anywhere.
ken...it's frozen probably twice and only frosted a few times since I planted it. I do have straw at the bottom to help with that.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the leaf is cold damaged..

i dont know where you are.. but in MI.. its way to early for PM.. thats a hot humid NIGHT thing issue.. not late spring ...

ignore it.. keep it properly watered.. its alive ... i dont know what more you want with a recent transplant..


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I'm in Idaho, in zone 6. Thanks for the help. I'll just keep watering and hope it gets better.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its a recent transplant..

if it were in my yard.. and it simply lived thru winter .... i would be high 5'ing you ... lower your expectations a bit .... and be happy its still green and growing.. lol ...

i often wonder if the chemical insult of a remedy.. might actually harm a recent transplant ... so i often.. just go the watering route for transplants ...

no fert ... in case you were wondering ..

just deep watering and near drying in between .. insert finger thru mulch.. to check ...


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Thank you, I'll just quit worrying about it and hope it lives. I appreciate the help!

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