Sevin on leaves, uneven distribution, is that OK?

jardinerowaMay 7, 2011


I am asking not to be flamed for using Sevin. For months I have tried to control earwigs other bugs using various "organic" means and had to resort to sevin. I am following directions.

The only thing is now I have plants that look like they've had, well white flour sprinkled all over them. If you know the container that Sevin dust comes in, when you apply it to the leaves come out, instead of a thin equal layer of dust applied to the whole leaf surfaces, you get powder splotches on the leaves, some thicker than others with the dust. My question is, does this hurt the plant? Does the dust just stay on their until sufficient rain/water has washed it away? Does water (if it doesn't remove it) decrease its effectiveness? Thank you.


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Anything on a plants leaves that restricts the leaves access to the sunlight it needs for photosynthesis also restricts that leaves ability to manufacture the nutrients leaves manufacture that feed the plant, so whether it is Powdery Mildew or some other dusty substance that does the restricting that is not good.
Water will, eventually, move that poison into the ground water, the water you drink.

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