Coffee grounds and sagos

scpalmettoJune 13, 2014

I know UFL recommends using spent coffee grounds to control scale on sagos and I have been recycling our own grounds on my sagos but I wonder what would happen if fresh grounds were used instead? We do not have any trendy coffee shops here but I have found some cheap, out of date, coffee on sale at a dollar store. Any reason I can't just dump fresh grounds on the plants? I could always run hot water through them if necessary but is it necessary?

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I have a feeling you just sent me a private email on this subject, but you added something on this post. It's mainly the pH of the fresh coffee that you want to avoid. Run enough hot water through the coffee to lower the pH, and you can use all you want. It will also wash through that unknown chemical that is supposed to hinder tomato plants.

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Thanks again, I didn't know you were here.
I plan to make a huge cheesecloth tea bag and soak then rinse the coffee grounds.

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