Holes on my Green Bean Leaves--SOS!

nancy2247May 15, 2007

Just discovered holes on my garden green bean leaves this morning so need to know what to do about them? (Or about the pests that are causing these holes)! This is my 4th garden endeavor so want to have a measurable green bean crop this year (the 1st year was medicore, then after that they fell to this mysterious pest!). Thanks, Nancy in so. IL

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Most often holes in the leaves of bean plants are caused by the Mexican Bean Beetle, the black sheep of the Lady Beetle family. These wee thingys look similar to all the other Lady Beetles except they are yellow. If you have them the first line of defense is a trap crop of soybeans or floating row covers, or both. There are several predators (spined soldier bugs, parasitic wasps) that can be encouraged to hang around by interplanting flowers and herbs (often considered "weeds") that attract these buggers. Late types of defense would be Neem Oil Products or pyrethrin products,
For the future look closely at your soil and work at making that soil into a good, healthy soil, because plants growing in good, healthy soils that are strong and healthy are better able to withstand insect pests and are most often less desireable to them.

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You might also consider earwigs. They have been my problem this year. I have a picture of what they have been doing to my plants on my blog.

Here is a link that might be useful: My SFG Blog

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If they look like they've been shot with a tiny shotgun, suspect flea beetles.

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