Encephalartos horridus flush

xerophyte_nyc(7)June 3, 2010

My E. horridus is set to flush a new set of leaves. As promised on an earlier thread, I will document it this time around.

For newbie Cycad fans, there are subtle cues when a plant is ready to flush. The top of the caudex begins to expand slightly, the current leaves start to tilt outwards, and bright hairs start to become visible at the apex.

Also, as far as I can tell, Cycads only show growth overnight. One morning, you look at your plant and voila! Something new!


Day 1, new growth just barely noticeable

Day 2, new leaf tips are visible

Day 2, side view

I will post more as the flush progresses.

As a bonus, here is Cycas revoluta, the Sago Palm, already in active growth mode. The leaf damage you see was sustained during exposure to 20F:

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

You got some really nice photos and caught her in motion.

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Nice,looking forward to future picks!
Another tip,if your not sure if it's flushing,you won't have to wait long to find out!(-;

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Very nice! Im still waiting for my leafless sago palm to make leaves. Hopefully that will happen soon, but until then, Ill enjoy your cycad flush pics!
Thanks for sharing!
Good luck!

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Hey Xero,
My E.princeps arrived a few weeks ago to keep my E.horridus company(-;

Here's a pic,in case you missed it!
The diameter(for scale) of the pot is 14"

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Jim, that's a nice plant.

My 2 cents: the pot is a little too wide and probably should be deeper based on the photo. Right now there is excess soil volume, and the roots will want to occupy the bottom of the pot where drainage is the poorest.

Be VERY CAREFUL with watering. It's not too late nor is it too cautious to use a fungicide. My recommendation is to absolutely not disturb the plant right now. Leave it alone. With some care and luck, it just might flush later this year but more likely next year. Don't force it this year with excess nitrogen and watering which would otherwise be OK. Wait until next spring when the plant has recovered from transplant shock. Next summer after a flush, you should strongly consider replanting into a deeper and narrower container. Start looking now for a pot, tall and narrow are not easy to find.

How do I know? I have killed more than a handful of Encephalartos seedlings and young plants before I learned from my mistakes.

Cycads are tough and withstand a lot of abuse, except when they are young and right after they have had major root disturbance. They are vulnerable to rot and it could take many months to show damage, without warning.


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Thanks for the advice,I really didn't want to use that pot after seeing the CRAZY A$$ root system on these but I had to get it planted.
Thanks again for the advice.

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

Fantastic photos!!! I have 6 Cycas Revolutas and I love them. 2 of them are flushing currently. These two are the largest ones I have in terms of leaf length and caudex circumference. I have two others in smaller pots that have taller trunks and somewhat shorter leaves. I took photos of pretty much all the stages of the flush on both of these. Here are the latest photos of two of my Cycas Revolutas flushing:

Here is the one that is farther away in the above photo.

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

Ok, those pics were working earlier. Don't know what the problem is. So I shall try again. Here they are in the same order:

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Black plastic Pecan containers should make good inexpensive pots. But at the cost of the Encephalartos any pot would be a minor cost. What's a good source for E. princeps ?

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Have you looked for them on E-bay?

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