Aiphanes minima seed germination

KABirdJune 16, 2013

High all ;-)

I just recieved a gift of about two dozen aiphanes minima seeds and after hours of web searches with no real info yet found, am hoping someone here might be able to offer some info.

I have already started the "Standard" soaking routine, and think I will use the "Zip-Loc" method with a mix of pearl-lite, vermiculite and sand.

Thanks Again


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I use mainly zip-loc or those plastic food containers, usually works well for me. If you maintain an even warmth it should be okay. I've never tried any Aiphanes but have seen them growing. In your climate you'll have to keep them indoors, that will be interesting if all germinate and grow well, LOL.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Have you tried the various Palm societies.??? According to PACSOA " Very easy temps above 80 very moist.1/ 2 months ." i was always put off by the thorns lol Good luck gary

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Thanks TropicalBreeze and Gary for the replies ;-)

I have grown about a dozen different Sabal Types from seed to showing nice first costapalmate leaves (I Know, But I'm new at it), a few different cycads but many other tropicals from seed over the past 35 years, mostly playing and wanting to see if I could.

I certainly would never have even tried the Aiphanes due to the spines and my grand children loving to look at what Grandpa is growing, but as they were free, I figured I would share half of them with a good friend who is a Palm and Cycad collecter and give the remaining a shot for my ever growing collection.

If anyone would like to add some info on growing these beasts, that would be great.

Thanks Again


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Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!

Spiny little ones are coming up!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will pot up from the zip-loc into 1g's and try and get pictures. Right at two weeks with one day soak.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I just noticed some sprouts on what I believe are Ptychosperma elegans . Sown on the 23 Sept.
I'd almost given up. Know it's not supposed to take that long but won't argue with success lol
Congrats on yours !! That is really fast!!! gary

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