Kentia Advise

Palm_shadeJune 16, 2013

I recently bout a kentia about 1m and im wanting to repot with 5.1.1 mix, ive read that the roots are very sesitve to disturbance, does anybody have experience repotting kentia?
Also some of the fronds are yellowish could that be lack of mg or other nutrients?

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Heres a pic

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Nice looking Kentia! You shouldn't have any problem repotting it because it won't need to be repotted until it gets too big for the pot (and the rootball won't be disturbed because it will be pretty tight in the pot).
I wouldn't give it too much larger of a pot than it's in now. That makes over watering easier and it's always possible to pot it into a larger pot, but much harder to pot down a size.
The fronds look healthy to me. A basic palm fertilizer once a year wouldn't hurt to keep it looking it's best.

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Thanks, ive been looking everywhere for this then I go to my local garden centre and there it is,. Im not sure how rare they are but ive never seen any like that and had no luck on the Internet, they had 2 so I went back yesterday and bought the other, its over 6ft and really green healthy,The soil looks like coir, bark and manure lol. Ill add the pic.
Yeah looks slightly less yellow In the pic but its not ill looking or anything. Ill feed it on the next watering see how it does, ive cleaned all the powdery marks off the fronds left by hard water and ill flush the roots when I can.

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Also I was wondering if I should fertilze new plants? I dont know whats the best approach there.

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with indoor plants, the less , the better. Once every 1-3 years I find is plenty with a slow release, or once every 4 months with a water-based.

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Ok thanks, I usually use water soluble fertilizer, I tend to feed with each watering under the manufacturers guides. Im hoping to move them on to the 5.1.1 pottimg mix which might be ready in about 3 weeks if everything goes well and im happy, ill hold off feeding untill atleast a few weeks after there repotted and settled, I dont think ill add slow realese.
Wish me luck :)

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