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KimberlyFebruary 11, 2013

Hello folks! Since we had a few warm days I decided to hurry up and purchase some more cuttings since I was getting antsy and very impatient for the weather to warm up. Come on little ground hog, send me some warmer weather! This time I tried Derrick (A Piece of Paradise) since he was cheaper plus he was offering several that I have been eyeballin'. I pick 4 -- Celadine, Sally Moragne, Julie Moragne, & Jean Moragne but low and behold, I was surprised and received 3 bonuses / extra cuttings -- King Kalakaua, Peterson Gold, & Scott Pratt. JACKPOT! Right now they are currently potted up & sitting on my heat mat. This time I'm trying bagged rooting so I hope everything goes well. :)

Group Shot

Sally Moragne - fat 3 tips

Jean Moragne - fat 3 tips too

Celadine - another fatty 4 tips

Julie Moragne - 2 tips

Bonus King Kalakaua - 4 tips

Bonus Scott Pratt - 3 tips

Bonus Peterson Gold - has 3 new baby tips forming

And thats it! Does anyone know anything about Peterson Gold? I tried googling it, but didn't find much information or pictures. :(

Have a nice day everyone!

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Yep, Derrick is very good with bonus cuttings. Gotta love 'em!

I'm wondering about Scott Pratt. Mine does not have that brown look to the tips.

You've got some nice fat cuttings. I've always said fat was a good thing. :)

For Peterson's Gold, try searching for Heidi or Heidi's Gold. You might find more info.

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Yeah, Derrick gives some really good deals. An Aztec Gold I got from him had 9 tips!! That was part of the 12 pack deal. Another good thing is that of the ones I got from him back in September, rooting outdoors until around November 1st then on heat mats and T5 lights since, maybe 1/3 of them are pushing inflos, and a Dean Conklin bloom just opened today.

Here is a link that might be useful: A pic of Peterson's Gold

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You've got some nice ones there. "CONGRATS"
Everyone I know that has gotten cuttings from Derrirk has been very happy with them. Good luck with them but I'm sure you don't need it. Peg

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congrats! I'm putting an order in with him in the next week or so. All but 3 of the last ones I ordered are doing great, several bloomed. I did his 12 special also, can't beat the price for sure. I plan to order a bunch and get them rooted in time for our plant sale at the community garden in June.
Tally HO!

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Beachplant, I'm gonna order 4 more when the weather gets back in the 50's again. I'm thinking about taking them out of the bags and put them in rooting cell tubes because my coir is drying out too fast plus I feel a bit more confident rooting in containers vs the bagging system. :)

On another hand, my celadine is getting super shiny / glossy tips. :D

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My order from him is to be here by Wed. or Thurs. cannot wait...have heard such great things...roxanne

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Rox146, My second order just arrived today. Sadly I had a broken tip on my guillots sunset due to what looks like the mail man(s) crunched my box up. But the others arrived fine. I'm gonna let them callus longer until mid March due to that I was un-successful in bag rooting (I had to re-cut), so they all are sitting in an old dell computer box in perlite. My second order consisted a 2 tip guillots sunset (was 3 but like i said, one broke), 5 tip moragne 23, 3 tip kaleinani, 3 tip hilo beauty, 3 tip kaneohe sunburst (bonus), 2 tip hilo beauty (bonus).

I would of posted more pictures but like I said, I already have them in the box callusing an I don't want to dig them out again.

I just hope the hilo beauty's are the real deal because I read where the regular / cheaper hilo beauty is a pink plus he posted a picture on his facebook page labeling it as a "regular hilo beauty" which in my honest opinion didn't look a thing like it -- was pink with a yellow eye. So I hope I won't be disappointed. :/

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Aloha there Kim...I have read that Hilo Beauty is hard to root..have you ever tried the egg method...I have Kaleinani orange which is hard too and did it last year w/egg and it took off...I know some don't like to do it because of raccoons...we have not had that problem yet...hope mine come in 1 stem unbroken....roxanne

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Hi Kim! Those are some good looking cuttings you got - and nice selections! Good to see you're getting started already. How are your seedlings doing? Do you think you'll start any more seeds this season?

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Rox146, I've heard that about the hilo beauty as well but not the kaleinani, I will keep that in mind. I haven't tried the egg method. I heard that sometimes the egg lets off un-smelly vapors which I am not up for plus I don't think my family members would love that smell either lol. I don't know if the egg will fit in my rooting tubes that I am going to try this time.

I think the reason why one tip ended up broken was that my box looked a little beaten up and smooshed. The tip was still semi attached, so I just snipped it off. I'm gonna let my sister experiment with that tip.

Emily - I don't have as many seedlings as I did, I kept the ones that seems to do better or that looks unique to me. I kept my vera cruz rose seedling that has 2 branches -- its about 9-10 inches tall in a gallon pot, queen of hearts -- its about 6-7 inches had to cut its leaves off to I think was either rusticals or mites, phet chompoo -- its a spinly little thing but it is putting out leaves with red outlines so I thought it would be interesting if it lives, and my other one is a deep desire seedling -- it was planted in october '12 an it's already about 6 inches tall with 7 1/2 inch leaves a very good grower. I also did have a waimea seedling but I let my sister have that since I bought the real thing from Wendy an I gave her one of my kaleinani and vera cruz rose seedlings too. I think I might be done with growing seeds unless one of my cuttings ever sprouts a seedpod.

I probably won't keep all of these cuttings or some of my rooted ones from last year so I might end up selling them later this spring or early summer. I just have to make up my mind what I want to keep since I have limited space. They are like potato chips you can't just have one an I just can't help myself LOL.

Oh an I also have 2 desert rose seedlings from the seeds that Laura kindly sent me. One is getting a cute fat little caudux (sp?).

Here is a picture for you to see, I kinda cut off my vcr & queen of hearts seedling in the picture.

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