Help-Dappled Willow leaves turning brown!

lisa_mich(z5 MI)May 12, 2006

My dappled willow, in tree form, has been living very happily for 3 years in my front yard--facing east. The tree leafed out as usual, but today I noticed that on one half of the tree, all the leaves have completely turned brown. The leaves are still soft, not crunchy, and when I scraped a tiny bit of bark with my nail on several different branches, there was still green underneath.

Anyone have any idea what's the problem? We've had rain, although, not alot and we haven't yet turned on our it could be that it hasn't been getting enough water (although, we're clay based here, so moisture usually isn't a problem). I just found it odd that only one half of the tree is brown.

No injuries, that I can see, to the trunk and I haven't planted anything around it, so the roots have not been disturbed.

Any thoughts? Please tell me it's not dying--I love my tree!



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the hard frost you had a week or two ago ...????

and stop scratching the bark .. one scratch was more than enough .. geeeeeezzzzz

give it a couple weeks ... all my ash... some baby pinus... the chestnuts... and most of my 1500 hosta are showing the effects ... they are slowly but surely releafing....

the problem .. is that the real damage doesn't show up for so many days after.. that we forget about the frost... if you ever knew it was there ...

and if you figure out how to kill a willow... let us know... lol ... i wouldn't worry about it.. most trees will sprout from the trunk .. if not grafted stock.. and no one grafts willow since the root so easily .... unless you have some rare willlow ....

good luck... ken

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lisa_mich(z5 MI)

Thanks, I suppose it could be the front, but I'm not sure...NOTHING else has any problems, including the 3 hostas directly under the tree, the 2 daylilies and 3 coral bells all in the same bed--and it's only 1/2 of the tree.

I kid you not, it's ONE HALF of the tree--it's the strangest's not sporatic branches with brown leaves, it's half the tree!

Thanks for your reply, I'll give it some time, but as I am an impatient gardener (can't everything just come up already!!!!) I'll be standing next to it, hands on hip, tapping my toe waiting for new shoots....C'mon already!


Thanks again,

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I too have a tree that almost half is turning brown and the leaves are curling. That tree gets full sun - lots of water and was trimmed back in April. Seeing a lot of branches that show leaves then bald spot then leaves at the tip. It is about 4 years old.

In the front with a northern exposure I have two more of the same. Both were trimmed in early April. One gets full sun and the other afternoon sun.

The full sun one is near the road where in winter the salt from the road is put on it. The other is in a raised flower bed next to the house. Neither of these have developed any leaves yet my neighbors is beautiful.

Any ideas?

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I hate to dredge up an old thread but I am having the same problem with my dappled willow. One half of it has turned brown and looks like it is dying. Actually I think it is dead. The other half if fine. This started last year and I thought it would recover, but no. I cut off all the dead branches and now have a weird looking half tree that looks healthy.

The tree is in the middle of the yard. My only guess is maybe salt from shoveling the sidewalk, that gets piled near one side of the tree and not the other. But I would think salt in the soil would kill a whole plant not just kill half of it?

There are lots of shoots coming from the trunk. I suppose I could start over rooting a new tree.

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I have noticed that my willow has had the same problem, first time around April, the tree recovered with new leaves but I have noticed this week that again the leaves are turning brown and drying out. I have also noticed three other willows in my area with the same problem however no other plants or trees have the same effects. I was wondering if there was something in the air that may have affected the leaves or some type of insect although I can not see anything on the affected leaves. Has anyone had this problem again since April?

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