Pampas Gone - Roots?

emtwoMay 7, 2014

Hi all,

First of all sorry if this is something answered elsewhere, I'm new and new to gardening!

I had a huge out of control pampas grass in the garden that the good lady wanted removed so we could make use of the space.

I cut it back and then basically axed it up right to the soil - there's literally nothing left of the plant!

That's great, and I can only see small (0.3ish cm) roots around the 1m area it took up.

So, my question is - what now please?

I don't want to use this area for anything else plant wise (paving for a kid's swing instead) so considered weed killer covering the 1m patch.

Would that be enough to kill the root system before covering with visqueen?

Or, will it all need digging out?

Many thanks

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if you need the space now.. you better insert shovel repeated and get to it ...

if you have all summer to fool around with plastic.. then you have all summer ...

but i would have a hard time looking at plastic all summer ... and chide myself for being to lazy to do the job right immediately ...

what it boils down to ... is the good lady .. lol ... do you want to impress her with a job well done.. or not .. lol ..

good luck with both


ps: sharpen your shovel to aid in digging thru roots ... it will really matter ...

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Hi Ken, and thank you.

Well, you know the good lady would be more impressed with being able to use the space asap this summer. She's impatient like that!!

If I weed killered the area then placed visqueen over to gravel (or whatever she wants) would that grow bakc next year or would the lack of light etc stop it?

Thanks again for your help.

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