Which ones should I plant in the front yard??

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)February 4, 2013

Hi all,

Sorry I have been MIA but w/ the move and holidays I'm still catching up! I miss you all but hopefully once our yard is finished I can have more time to catch up.

Anyway, here is my list of plumerias

Amazing JJ
Apple Henry Dupree
Artec Gold
Bill Moragne
Butterfly Gold
CA Sunset JJ
Charlotte Ebert
Christina JJ
Cyndi Moragne
Daeng Sayem/Siam Red
Daisy Wilcox Imposter
Daisy Wilcox the Real thing
Divine JJ
Donald Angus
Elsie JJ
Henry Apple Dunpree
Inca Gold JJ
J105 JJ
Jeannie Moragne Jr
JL Golden Pagoda
JL Hilo Beauty
JL Hula Girl
JL Ken Ames
JL Metallica
JL Pink Pansy
JL Tropical Storm
Kaneohe Sunburst
Kaneohe Sunrise
Kauka Wilder
Kimi Moragne
Lemon Drop
Makaha Sunn
Mardi Gras
Mary Helen Eggenberger
Musk Rainbow
My Valentine
NOID from a friend
NOID Premium White
NOID Tiger?
Penang Peach
Red Dragon Heart
Rhonda JJ
Safari Red
Samoan Fluff
Scentsational JJ
Siam Ruby
Star of Siam JJ
Tai Surprise JJ
Texas Aggie
Thumbalina JJ
Tipsy JJ
U of Hawaii Orange
Vera Cruz Rose
Viola G.
Waimea (3x)
Whirlwind JJ
Wildfire Inflo

If I want to plant 2-3 plumerias in my front yard which ones should I pick? I was just going to plant the 3 largest ones hoping by next winter they have grown enough to survive in the ground. But here is another thing... the front of our house faces west so I get sun from noon to sunset. It's nice now but I'm afraid the summer will be pretty brutal. Should I try anyway?? And which ones should I pick if not by the biggest?

If all goes well and HOA approves our plan then the yard will be done by 3rd week of February and then I can plant the plumerias shortly after that. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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I would go with the most prolific bloomers. So in the most cursory sense call it Henry Apples Dupree, Samoan Fluff, and Jeannie Jr. A yellow, a white, and a red. Also they are all fairly common and less likely to be to upset if vandalized or scavenged.

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

WOW! you have alot of varieties! Your garden must smell beautiful when they are all in bloom. I would plant the most common hardy ones. Better to loose a common one to the weather then a rare one.

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Wow! What a list, reminds me of mine. Our "front" faces the ocean a block away and is windy/cold/salty...I too am transplanting a lot out there this late March. The common ones and my seedlings as that is where the theft takes place...sad but true! Or the palm fronds land on them and then a big limb is lost....good luck, roxanne

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I would go Celadine, Samoan Fluff and your least valuable/but hardy pink. People like to take Jeannies or any reds and your reds are the weakest in cold weather. I have had people look at my Jeannie in my back yard and say "give me a cutting of that one." There are some very rude people out there who think they are shopping at Wal-mart. This is why my back yard is locked. James also has some horror stories of rip offs.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

wow thats a lot to choose from.

i agree I would go with something common and cheap to replace. I for one dont have to worry much about vandals because few around here even know what a plumeria is much less that you can root cuttings. Of course mine arent inground.


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok thank you for your suggestions!! I really appreciate it.

I didn't think about this before, but should I pick them according to their height too? Say if I have 3-4 lined up like Bill's front yard... I would like to pick the ones that have similar height. Or is that a moot point since I can always prune them to the desired height? I'm liking the idea of lining them up to separate the property line on the right side... then put the rocks like Bill did. That's very pretty.

But then what do I do w/ the rest of the space next to it? Can I plant other flowers like roses, hydrangeas or something? I really don't want to add grass in that small space. I'll try to upload a diagram so you can see it. Any suggestions for some companion flowering plants near my plumies? Thanks!

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