Cuc soaping Bah humbug !!!!!!!

PunkinHeadJones(7)July 16, 2011

I was enthused about the soaping technigue but the research team here at PHJ Labs is less than convinced. One cuc sample proved to be bitter afterward, does mean it was super bitter before ? Working on the premise that the bitterness is being drawn out into the soapy residue I bravely tasted the " soap" on another sample. It tasted slighly sweet and cucumbery as did the cucumber itself.

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I have soaped cukes for years, but never tasted the soap. I never knew if it really worked or not, but it seems there are a lot less bitter ones, but that could just be antecdotal?

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I tried soaping yesterday too, and it didn't work for me either. I did manage enough non-bitter slices to make a couple jars of refrigerator pickles.

However, I picked my first Armenian melon finally!!!! Wow it is nice, and no bitterness. I have a second one I hope makes it, and maybe it will keep going.

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I have tried for 3 years now to grow armenian cukes, I can't get them to live, let alone bear! What's your secret?

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you have success with regular cucs ? I have my armenians and regular straight 8s growing on identical trelises with the same soaker hose running thru them and the armenians have covered the treliss acouple of layers deep on both sides. The 8s are producing but have not nearly filled the screen yet.

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I have 3 burpless cukes & 2 Armenians side by side & I've been getting cukes for a long time. I planted them a few days after the last frost. (to replace the ones that froze) I almost gave up on the Armenians because they just sat there for so long. Then when it got SO hot, they really took off. They never even get wilty. I started them indoors & they germinated really fast.

Next year I'm going to try the Armenian tiger melon too.

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Yes I've been harvesting, picklers, and slicers both, vines look real good, armenians planted same time, same location, same water everything, but no plants survived past a few weeks in.

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