Pre-Season Warm Ups! Get Your Game Face On!

elucas101(8)February 21, 2014

Alright everyone - some of the plants are beginning to stir, we change times in about 2 weeks (!!!), we're getting some warm days, and the stores are getting their garden items in!!! It aaaaaalmost time!

I've actually purchased my first bag of potting soil and perlite to kick off the pre-season...because of course I've had to buy some cuttings already! haha! Luckily, I already have My ferts, ProTekt, SuperThrive, Neem, Spinosad & rooting hormone.

What have you done or are you doing to get this pre-season started?!

I have 7 plumies I kept inside under lights (although they still dropped their leaves) this winter and I've started putting them outside on warm days! (Bringing them in every night) The rest of my plumies have to wait a while to go out because I can't take them in & out every night when the temps drop.

I decide it was time to upgrade my camera just in time for the season - went from a 7.1 mp to a 16 mp camera so that's pretty exciting! Hopefully lots of plumie pictures to come!

I also will have to buy a new hose shower spray nozzle thingie because mine got decapitated by the weed eater, and I probably need a new hose. I am petitioning for the super awesome plant dolly K got from Northern Tool for my birthday - a girl can dream, right?

So do some deep knee bends and practice opening your wallet and turning it upside down because Plumie Season 2014 is just around the corner!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

It is getting close isn't it. Sadly I have about a month left before they will be ready to wake up. Next week still has some freezing nights.

However I have started my backyard orchard. I got 3 peaches and 2 apples to get in the ground. That plus starting the vegetable garden plants inside hauling and spreading 4 truck loads of mulch and a 5th load tomorrow has kept me busy. My veggie garden is bigger in SQFT than my first house! This summer is going to be busy.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

You are to cute, Emily!!

I'll be back!!

Just wanted you to know that I was laughing ..

Done the deep knee bends. ;-)
Getting the wallet warm so it can open easily !!
Put some WD40 on the lock.. ( purse ) and front lock of door
Bought a fake door for the fed ex man so DH won't hear the doorbell. LMAO
Bought a muzzle for the dog on delivery days. ;-)

Now.. What else? I'll be back to share some other things!!

To funny.

Sleep well!! ;-)


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Mike your garden sounds REALLY cool! That's going to be such a great feeling to eat food that you've grown yourself. Looks like you are going to be one busy guy! When can you plant the fruit trees?!

A really optimistic wish would be a mid March time frame for all the plants to go out but realistically may be beginning of April, I'll have to see. But for example today the 7 I have been putting out plus 2 adenium have been outside all day & the low tonight is 59 so I think I'll just leave them out...but then Thursday night temps will dip into the 30's.

Laura, haha! I'm glad you're getting those knee bends & wallet exercises done, we know we'll need them!! I LOVE the idea of the fake door for the FedEx guy - BRILLIANT!! LOL!

I had gone into HD a few weeks ago & it was barren in the garden section but I went to WalMart on Friday & they had 4 full aisles of garden stuff in!! I cleaned off the back patio today and snipped the tops off a few adenium!

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I have also been nosing around in the garden stuff that Walmart has gotten in too. I just couldn't help it -- the merchandise was calling my name. LOL

Also I am thinking about adding 2-3 new varieties to my collection -- just gotta contact some people so they can hold the cuttings for me until March. It will be something fun to look forward to this spring. :)

I just hope I will be able to sit mine out late March or early April b/c we have had blast of continuous cold weather and snow. Just the other day the last bit of our 2 inch thick ice finally melted. I used to like snow but now I am getting tired of it -- I ended up falling on my right knee while taking the dog out an it still bothers me when I bend it. :/ I will be so glad when spring comes -- it couldn't come any faster.

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Y'all are crazy, but, Oh yes! My heart flutters began around the 1st week of january when my boss came back from hawaii with a couple of cuttings for me. Although it made me antsy, and I headed on over to ebay, plus looking at some of my fav sellers sites (yes, you know who you are!), I managed to abstain. hehe

Yesterday I found an inflo pushing on Kona Candy. Can't wait for that one! I also have 8 other inflos, 2 of which remain from last fall and are about to flower. Duke keeps dropping buds, though. All of my plants are waking up and as I'm sitting here on the computer in the "plumeria room", I do believe there is an inflo on penang peach who has not bloomed in 2 years.

My only preps have been stocking up on soils and perlite. I have about 30 that need to go into 3 gallon pots. Why oh why did I not go ahead and pot them up when I had my son around here to help last year????

I won't have to do any exercises to get back into shape. I will simply dive in and take 800mg ibuprofen as needed. The mailman is on his own, although he has always come up to the door very quietly. It's his substitute that needs to worry about setting off the dog alarms. Might scare him but doesn't bother me. :)

Sorry to hear about your knee, Kim. My husband got plowed down by one of our dogs who was running at full speed. It took a couple of months for his knee to heal. His nerves haven't healed yet, though. He keeps a good eye on the dogs when they're out playing. :)

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Emily and Laura, you crack me up! Yes, it's nearly time! I'm narrowing down who has to go to make room for--I swear!--only three more new ones. Yeah, three. Really. I mean it. For real this time.

Mona, I'm so envious that you'll see Kona Candy bloom soon! Mine is tiny so I'll have to enjoy your photos and descriptions.

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jen - my Kona Candy is only a single tip and maybe 12 inches tall, but full of leaves! So pretty!

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Hi Kim! Oh man, you must be SO ready for some warmer weather!! So sorry to hear about your knee, I hope you get better soon. I know what you mean - after the down time of the slow season the gardening stuff is really calling my name too! So...what verieties do you have your eyes on?!

Moonie that's so cool that your boss brought you back some cuttings!! WOW! And with 8 inflos going already you are way ahead of the game! I hope to see some pics of your blooms!

Jen - I think after the short break we have I get antsy and then go a little buying 5 cuttings!! AAAGGHHH! I know that in no time at all temps will be soaring and I'll be over my head with plant care but omg, so hard to resist after not buying any for a while! I have tried to think of who might be going to make room...but so far I can only think of 2 that might go! haha!! SOOO, do tell...what are the *AHEM* three that you have your eye on this season?!

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Emily, I'm going to get 4 cuttings -- divine, california sunset, rhonda & desert sunrise. ;)

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Kim, OMG, OUSTANDING varieties! Divine is a blooming machine and Desert Sunrise is totally AHHHHH-MAZING! How exciting!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mike!!

Sounds like you have some beauties planted in your backyard!! We would love to see pics? Getting excited about this new season.. My trees are getting ready to wake up and some are already there, so it makes me very happy!!

Emily... Hehehehhe... Door just needs some paint to match the original, then I am set!! ;-). Just talking about the new season gets the fire started.. I haven't done anything else besides the deep knee bends, but I did call Tex and ordered a few that he is holding until the weather breaks. Musk Rainbow and Butterfly Gold. ( maybe Rasberry sundae too!). Those are the ones on the list for 2014! I have thinned down just a little, so they will fit In nicely around the backyard.. Lol!

Mona!! Sounds like you have the season already started !! WHOOOO HOO! Sounds awesome.. I can't wait to see your beauties!!!

We have missed you around here.. So nice to have you back!!!

Jen? Just three? Lol... That's what I said too! Seriously.. I mean it.. I have really tried to get rid of some and find good homes.. I have a few that I will send out this spring to friends.. So I have Room For those I ordered. ( three). Yes... Three! ;-). ( trying to convince myself.. )

Please share pics with us too!! I always love to see your yard!!

Kim.. Great varieties.. I think my all time favorite is Desert Sunrise! It always changes and is a profuse bloomer .. Love all of your selections!! How is the knee feeling? Hope it gets better soon.. All of this cold weather is really getting old. I see we might get some snow on Wednesday. Argh...

Getting excited!!!

Spring is hopefully around the corner..

Take care,


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Kim, you picked four of the best! I hope your weather and knee get better soon!

Emily, I need to replace my Not-My Valentine with a real My Valentine. And I still would like a SunSplash. And one more from JJ's but I'm not sure which. JJ's plants, with the exception of that puny grafted Honeypot that I got from someone else, have all done beautifully this winter.

Laura, it's hard to believe there are any good ones you don't already have, LOL! You're going to have to work out a system with the delivery guys--they should know you real well by now ;)

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Laura, the image that comes to mind for your hidden door is of Platform 13 1/2 in Harry Potter. (For those of you that haven't read HP -a hidden train platform the only appears when you run full speed towards a brick column) hahaha!!! The varieties you have your eyes on sure are fantastic ones! Come on warm weather!!

Jen - all the JJ's plants I have are so awesome. They are pricey for the most part but I can totally see why. So hard to choose just one! I finally realized all the ones Water Garden Gems sells are his most inexpensive ones or I would go back and try to pick up another one from them.

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Andrew Scott

LOL ladies! Between Emily and Laura I'm crackinv up over here! Even better is hearing how many people say "Only 2 or 3 more, HONEST!" Who are you fooling! LOL! I don't bother saying that anymore. I can honestly see why this darn hobby is so addicting! I buy, buy, buy but after seeing just how big some of these trees are getting when they are between 2-5 years old has me starting to wonder where I am going to put them all!

Laura you talk about false doors and muzzles for your dog? I'm afraid my partner is just going to murder me! I can just here it now "Off with your head"! LOL!!

Honestly I need to forcus in buying Super Thrive, and to other ferts. I also have heard good things about worm castings so if I can get them at an affordable price, I may just give them a try.

Right now the only tree blooming is my DSP. This tree just goes to show you how diffrently the species grow and how tough they really are.

I had my DSP in a dark room where it shed it's leaves. I honestly thought it would just go dormant but not only did leaf back out bug it also produced 2 nize sized in los!!!! I was totally shocked so now it is in front of a sunny window.

I cannot wait for spring. This weather just makes me want to hibernate!! As I type this, it is snowing outside and temps are probably in the high teens or low twenties. I'm sure the windchill is even worse :(

Such a bummer!!


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Andrew, the things we do for these plants, right?! Haha!Thank goodness there's a place like this forum for us sickos!!! Do you tell your partner like I do, "You think I'M bad?! There are plenty of others on the forum that have WAY MORE than me - you're lucky, really..." I don't think he believes it...hell, I don't think anyone believes it but it seems like the right thing to say.

I can't believe your DSP is blooming, CONGRATS!!!

I'm, getting to the point where I need some kind of dolly or something, there's no reason to suffer through lugging these pots if I can find something that'll work. Before I shell out the big bucks on the tree dolly K got, I did some research & found this one:

Most regular dollies just won't work, the toe plate is too short. This one however, says the unfolded depth is 32", so the toe plate must be substantially larger than average. The reviews I could find say that also. The toe plate on the one K got from Northern Tool says the toe plate is 21", I think this one should be almost as long.

It's rated for 250 lbs. although Bosch says you could go 275. It's fully collapsible for storage or transport but the reviews are great, saying it's sturdy. It's called the Bosch L Cart and it's made to hold these tool box things but of course many people are using it as a regular dolly. It was $99 + tax / free shipping. It should be here within a few days, I'll let you all know if it works!

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Hey you can push me around on that Emily lol! jk ;P

I finally reserved my 4 cuttings an I also splurged and purchased some desert rose seeds from Taiwan. I will call it birthday presents from myself. Nothing wrong with gifting yourself is there? :)

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Kim I'm hoping with all of the energy I save by getting that cart I can use it to zoom you around the yard! LOL! I'm SO excited for you reserving your cuttings, that is so fun!!! Have you grown desert rose seeds before? They are also really fun! And I certainly don't see ANYTHING wrong with gifting yourself - those are some of my favorite gifts!!! LOL!!!

kandi - that looks like a great cart for the smaller plants! I guess I was oblivious as to how heavy these would get so quickly! The one I got says weight capacity of 250 lbs but also my biggest factor was a toe plate deep enough to accommodate the larger pots too. I can't wait to get it and see if it works!

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Looks really good. I think it will work great. The three things which are important are the toe, ability to use leverage to get the CG over the wheels, and larger wheels to distribute the weight on soft ground without digging in or over rough terrain.

Pneumatic tires work the best for me but thats because I cart things around and through plant beds.

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You know you've lost it when you get super excited over a DOLLY to move your plants around with! Lost causes, all of us. :)

And, um, Emily, let me know how it works, okay?

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K - awesome, that's good to hear! There aren't many out there that will fit the bill. If this one doesn't work out I will have to get the one you have.

Jen - LOL!!!! You are SO RIGHT!!! It has come to that, hasn't it?! LOST CAUSE! ( and comes on Tuesday - I'll let you know! haha!)

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Well, good news and bad news. I'm a little torn.

The toe plate is 14", not anywhere near what the online measurements would have you believe, and the wheels actually eat up part of that 14"...BUT, it's still deeper than a normal dolly.

And it is collapsible - folds up to almost nothing. Honestly, it's a pretty cool dolly, it's just not as deep as the website said it was.

It does hold my 22" pots (the biggest I have right now) and lifts them easily although I would need help stabilizing them and / or to use the bungees / add bungees to go over anything other than flat terrain / up and down steps. But I don't know how much bigger of a pot it could hold.

It can be used for other things too though which is nice.

I'll think about it but I'm leaning towards keeping it right now...I'd like to have the other one but I don't know if it's justified right now since this one does lift my biggest pots.

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