Bell pepper problems

richdelmoMay 25, 2012

I also posted this on the vegetable forum but thought I would have better luck here. This has been happening on my bell peppers for the past several growing seasons. Not sure what it is I've been checking them regularly including after dark but have not seen anything yet. This is also a new location for them this year. The holes are certainly chewing insects but the spotty discoloration appears to be a fungas of some sort. The first picture notice the right side has lost two leaves that were severely discolored and broke off just by me touching them. I have spayed a Need oil mixture twice now and have use an oil and soap spray but no luck yet. BTW I also have one pepper in a container with miracle grow potting mix and that plant is starting to get the discoloration on its leaves Any idea or suggestions would be appreciated

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rich_manure, the spots remind me of a description - water soaked - indicating a fungus but at the link below, they suggest low light and high moisture. Although the site is about indoor plants, it is the conditions that really matter.

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Did this appear after you used oil on your pepper plants for the chewing insects? It really looks like phytotoxicity to me. Peppers can really get their foliage messed up with oil sprays. It's sometimes necessary, depending on the type of insect, but the leaves do look like this and they do fall. If it is from oil damage, they plant will outgrow it.

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Not certain if it was after spraying or not, but I did purchase more plants and planted them is various sections of my garden in areas where I never grew vegetables before and they too are starting to get the same problem. All other plants are fine except my Zinias which have very similar symptoms. I really want some fresh peppers but not looking likely.

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