Fire blight on weeping louisa crabapple

bumblebeecabinMay 7, 2010

I recently purchased two plants earlier this spring, and both seem to have come down with Fire Blight. The second plant is a Lady Banks Rose.

First it was the new growth around the blossoms, shriveling, then curling, eventually turning a horrible black... but never dropping. It was the uppermost arching branches of the tree...I was hesitant to cut them until I was sure, since I never had a crab apple nor blight. Once I realized the severity of the bacteria... I cut off three branches at the trunk, rinsing my shears with isopropyl alcohol between use. I burned the infected limbs and sprayed the remainder of the tree with an organic 'helpful' bacteria that will supposedly help minimize the blight.

Now, another three large branches have blight... and if I cut those the tree will be down to two or three small branches...needless to say butchered.

My questions.... is this tree doomed? We are continuing to have a moist, humid, hot spring... I wonder if I am going to kill the tree with all the pruning and it has only been in the ground a few months.

Second... how contagious is this bacterial infection? I only have the one crab apple...and the one rose... no other fruiting trees.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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I've never dealt with fire blight on my 'Louisa', but considering yours is new, I'd return it now rather than trying to fight a disease on a newly purchased tree. These supposedly have good resistance to most diseases, so I'd return it.

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Thanks for your post...

Yes, I thought about returning it. I guess I am being overly careful, and I will admit I am completely new to fireblight...but I was concerned about putting it in the back of my SUV, where I carry all sorts of other plants/trees to and from my favorite nurseries. I didn't know if it (the bacteria) is so contagious as to contaminate surfaces.

I have gotten aggressive with my pruning and it seems to have finally stopped spreading (fingers crossed). Things are starting to dry up here a little bit, so maybe the Louisa will survive. She is a lot shorter than she used to be but her remaining few limbs/leaves look good.

Now if I cold just run off the voles...

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