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cheeze2002February 10, 2013

I have not been on here since last year and would like to say hi to any of the people on here I've dealt with and exchanged with in the past couple years.

Last season was horrible weather and weeds so i got a lil dissapointed with it all , i spent about $150 to harvest a few squash and a few hands full of peppers all last season.

Anyway new season and a small new green house has me ready to get back after it.

I have my list of things I have to trade for any type of sweet peppers.

Hot cherry
Yellow wax
Orange hab
Red hab
Praire fire

As always if you are new to gardening and have no trades just send me a sase and let me now what you need.

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Cheese2002, I would trade a sweet mini bell and sweet banana pepper for a red habanero. Email me with your mailing address at:

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Exox07 was kind enough to help me out, so I suspect I can pay it forward and help out another.

I have some marconi pepper seeds (red & golden). I also have some pepper seeds called pimento and
california wonder

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Thanks , would you email me your info to cheeze@united.net and i will get a sase on the way to you.

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email sent

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rdback(Z6 VA)

Hi Cheeze, its been a while *smile*. IIRC, you participated in one of my seed giveaways a few years ago.

I've got a few more you might like to try. If you're still looking for seeds, send me an e-mail.

Good to see you back.


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