Chipmunks AND voles?

warshaw11May 1, 2011

I am new to this site thanks to the creatures that are taking over my yard-I need help!

I have a smallish yard, have lawn, half wooded hill covered in shrubs, trees and junipers. Recently had several rose bushes and nandina blow over in a storm, when we removed them I saw that they had basically separated from the roots, right at the ground-hmmm? Some kind of animal? Well, most of the hill is spongy feeling, but hard to find any holes as it is covered in mulch, pine straw and plants. The yard is starting to feel spongy now also. Hubby has seen a hole or two in the grass. We had decided we have voles, and then just yesterday he has seen several chipmunks in the yard and among the plantings. So I guess my question is: is it possible the chipmunks are causing all this damage, or do we likely have TWO infestations in our yard. FWIW, we have seen pretty large droppings in the garage and basement. I do NOT want the critters taking up residence in my house! After reading these forums all day yesterday, I am ready to build a swimming pool, but has anyone used this method for voles as well?

Thanks for reading my LONG plight and for any advice available.

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Voles, Field mice, are not very likely to do much tunneling but moles do. While chipmunks will make thunnels to nest in they seldom tunnel in the yard. All of these can be difficult to control, although traps can help. However, with live traps you need to know what to do with what you trapped, and most states require licenses to transport wild animals any place. The other traps, that kill the animal, can also work, but leave you with a body to dispose of. Poisons are no longer recommended because they are too available to too many other animals, including domesticated ones, family pets.
Pumping engine exhaust into the tunnel is no longer recommended by those that know about engines because that can cause expensive engine repairs. Flodding the tunnels does not work since the animals that tunnel learned long ago how to keep from drowning in a flood, or they would not still be around.

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