container garden 5 gal buckets

ghostJalokiaMarch 31, 2014

I received some free buckets to pot up my peppers: Bhut jalokia, trinidad scorpions, white habanero, devils tongue, purple hab..Anyways the buckets all have the bottoms cut off from the previous owner. My question is can I drill holes in the lids and use them upside down or would they be fine just using them as is. I plan on building a small green house out of pvc or something and would prefer the setup be semi mobile because I may be moving. Any suggestions from container gardeners. Greatly appreciated.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

No bottoms? Worthless.

The top idea isn't bad though. If they are mud buckets then the tops fit nice and tight.


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Yeah the tops fit on super tight. I might just get different buckets. Heck they were free anyway. Maybe I can find some use for them. Thanks Dennis

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I concur with ghostjalokia.

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So the bottoms are cut off, but the lids still snap on? What the hell? Who would do that???

Anyhow, seem perfectly fine to me. Drill holes in the lids, voila! Probably won't be able to move around to much in fear of the lids falling off, but hey!


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ronnyb123(Zone 9)

I agree with Woohooman. I say give it a shot too. Take 1 and experiment. Drill holes in the lid and load it up. If the lid stays tight with dirt in there, use it. You could even think about putting masking tape around the lids for extra tightness and glue it tight to permanently seal it.

hey, You already got them so it doesn't hurt to try.


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They didn't come with lids but I found lids in the paint department at Walmart and they fit really snug. Plus their like a dollar a piece. I just bought 2 to try out. Hah I was thinking the same thing about taping them or gluing them on.

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t-bob(west wa)

I would say they might be difficult to move. Since the bottom is cut off it seems they would be flimsy . However, If that s all you got, that is all you got.

So much easier to move in the fall, or whenever if you can move it with the handle,
good luck whatever you do and pods to ya-Bob

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Check local restaurants in your area. Pickle spears come in 5 gal buckets, and most restaurants just throw them out.

If you get desperate, you can drive over to St. Paul and Ill set you up with a bunch. My restaurant goes through 10 a week.


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UPucker - If you have spare 5 gal buckets I'd love to pick some up from you this spring. Where in St. Paul are you located? I'm in a suburb of Mpls..... A lof of my buckets are going to need to be replaced this year, after 6-9 years of use they are breaking down (top egdes of buckets are breaking).

Shoot me an email when you have time.

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