Bhut Jolokia soil and care?

xebby(6NM)March 9, 2010

Ok, so I am not new to growing chili. In fact I come from a strong bloodline of farmers who have made a lifestyle out of growing and cultivating New Mexico Green and Red Chili on the floodplain of the Rio Grande for generations. However, nothing could prepare me for this crazy plant that has just entered my home.

I bought a Bhut Jolokia plant from the Chili Pepper Institute, the same people who declared it the hottest pepper in the world. It's a rather large plant in a 10-gal container and already has some young flowers.

Now, for a few of my concerns.

1) I have never grown a potted pepper plant indoors. My experience is with the traditional acres of rows of plants and traditional irrigation methods. I want to transplant this plant to a larger pot and I want to do it safely. Any advice on growing a potted pepper?

2) I like to mix my own soil so I need to know what type of mixture this plant would do well in and how I should properly fertilize it?

3) I live in Santa Fe, NM, what climate conditions and such should I be aware of?

4) I want to keep this plant living for as many years as possible, so, any other info I could get would be very helpful.

If you could give me any advice on growing Jolokia based on the info I provided then I would be so delighted.

Thank you!

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Here are a couple pictures of the jolokia plant I have:

(Sorry, camera phone pics but best I could get)

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are you sure that is a 10 gallon container?
it is small enough to sit on a plate so im guessing it is a 1 gallon container.

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oh, yes it's a 1-gal. Sorry, don't know why I added that zero in my original post.

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