Please help identify a 2 year old seedling that just bloomed

arctictropical(Z4)February 7, 2012

Does this flower look familiar? I suppose it could be Celadine, but I'm not so sure. Could it be Samoan Fluff? It had absolutely no pink in it's buds.

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I thought Somoan Fluff was more of a white color but I could easily be wrong. I am certainly no expert. Whatever you have there it really is nice! Congrats!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

its my understanding that seedlings arent true to the parent, right? Wouldnt that make this whatever you want it to be.


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Seedlings are never named besides maybe 'Seedling of...' or you could name it whatever you wanted to.

Also, if you are growing it under lights it will look totally different when blooming outdoors.

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It's a beautiful flower with thick-looking petals, very nice.

I agree with Dave on all his points, but there's also the variability with seedlings from first blooms to mature blooms. Could be a seedling of anything, though Celadine seems most likely.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Kevin,

What a beauty!!!

I know how you want to try and name this cutie, but i have some seedlings that i have seen bloom and think they could be one type or another...since im not sure and it wasnt a true cutting. I label mine as seedling from tree XXX. That way i know where it came from and then wait to see the bloom.

Jen is correct, the first time my seedling bloomed, i thought it was a white. The second season it had a beautiful Pink with the colors of "My Valentine" A friend suggested to call it Valentino.. : ) That was a great idea!!! I always think of him when i see these blooms!!

Name it as "a possible XXX" Time will tell and you will still have a beauty of a Plumie that is blooming and healthy!!



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Thanks, everyone. I guess it doesn't matter who the parents are, as long as it has nice blossoms!

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brighty(9 CA)

Wow a 2 year old seedling! Mine are 4 and 5 years old and none of them have bloomed yet. Congrats!

I'd call it beautiful.


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The indoor grow lights sure help speed up blooming. I had a 1 year old seedling bloom last winter.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Arctic thats great. Congrats. Your pictures always make me so envious. :P

As others have mentioned, seedlings should never be given the same cultivar name as it's parent even if self-pollinated. Officially named plumerias were registered with certain characteristics noted in the registration.

While some seedlings may resemble their pod parent's flowers closely they may take on different traits in their gene pool for better or worse (often things that aren't readily apparent such as increased disease resistance, vigor, propensity to bloom, etc.).

You can name it whatever you want. But to make it official, register it with the Plumeria Society of America if you find this seedling to be outstanding among others in performance, fragrance, or other characteristics.

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