Picture of new seedling in bloom under grow lights

arctictropical(Z4)February 10, 2013

I don't remember the parent name, but it's probably a keeper. The fragrance is wonderful. Kind of like a gardenia-rose fragrance. I'm amazed how dark red the outer portion of the petals are.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Kevin!!!

So nice to see you over on this forum!!

We have missed you!!!

I hope you are well and that all of your plants and trees are holding up with this winter.. How are those Palms? I remember you didnt protect as much as you have in the past...

Love your beautiful bloom.. What ever this beauty is, she is a keeper. ALl of your trees are keepers!!

I am happy to see you and please keep sending us updates on your trees.

Cheers to Utah!!


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Great job! and in Utah no less. Makes me feel like a real slacker. It beautiful! Yep, a keeper for sure. Peg

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Congratulations to you, it's beautiful! Frustrating to those of us that rooted cuttings 3 yrs ago on 4 trees & still haven't seen 1 flower. Yet you have flowers on seedlings.
I'm absolutely green w/ envy.

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That's a really beautiful bloom on your seedling - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I would say without a doubt, a keeper. How old is your seedling? Fantastic coloring.

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Thanks everyone! Thanks Laura! Yes, it's been a long time! I have no idea if my palms have survived. I guess I'll find out in March or April. Regarding not posting much.... I guess I've been away snow boarding too much! Actually, for the first time, most of my plumeria went dormant this winter, despite keeping them under grow lights for about 12 hours a day. This seedling decided it would bloom instead! The dormant plumeria look like they are just about ready to burst forth in new leaves. This seedling is probably 3 years old.

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Fabulous blooms! What a keeper! Definitely looks like a Thai seedling between that rounded petal shape and stiff leaves.

Keep us updated on that beauty!

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Updated pic:

New flowers have opened. The older ones fade from bright red to rose color, but they sure last a long time!

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And the petals appear to become somewhat more open and flatten out. I like the way it is evolving! :)

Is the gardenia/rose scent remaining or is the fragrance changing any? I have a noid that would go from floral to spicy as the flower matured.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Kevin,

Looking wonderful!!!

I know you are so stoked!!! All of my trees went dormant this year. Some were going to stay active, but i was so over messing with spidermites, i decided not to fuss with them this year. I think it was a wise decision for me. My DR's are waking up earlier than some of my Plumeria, but i have acquired some from Mark Dimmit and some from R in Tawain and they are doing great. I have a friend that is enabling me with the temptation of finding these prize Adeniums from Thailand and Tawain and from the man himself.. Mark!!!

Having fun with them and playing with the roots. One Minaiture Adenium i bought, was placed in the gritty mix and i buried the roots around a piece of Coral and i will be interested to see how it looks later this summer when i lift it abit. Fun stuff!

I just love the pics of your beauty!!! You have a winner there.. Maybe you should start taking pics and recording them and in a few years register it .. Would be fun to have a "Artic Beauty" Sounds pretty good!

You know i have been a big supporter for all of the things you grow in a zone 4. Most impressive my friend..

As a Palm Lover.. I have always been in awe of how you can grow those babies with the snow capped mountains in the background... YOU are a true Zone pusher!!

Congratulations!!! Especially on everything you grow!!!


Have a wonderful night Kevin!!

Keep us posted.. I have 0 blooms right now.. ;-(

Oh.. i had to mention that i sent my son out to Steamboat Springs this January and he was boarding in chest high "champagne" powder.. he said he would never forget those momets. He did have a "go Pro" on and had some great movies and pics.. needlless to say, i wish i was out there too! Have fun Boarding!!!

Take care,


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Wow gorgeous!! Congrats!

Now what are seedling pray tell. But whatever it is you must have the touch like Laura. Anything that beautiful lady touches grows.

Laura, stop by next time when you're out here please! :)

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Thanks, Moonie, Laura and No-clue. Moonie, the fragrance has not changed. The flowers still have a strong gardenia-rose fragrance. Quite nice. Laura, you must be the Queen of gardening. You excel at growing everything! I always have a spider mite problem until the Neem oil kicks in, and eventually they go away. I've also had a problem with aphids and mealy bug this year. I think they came in with my desert rose. My desert rose don't go dormant under my grow lights. I have attached a picture of one I grew from seed that's in bloom right now. I have also attached a picture of the plummie in sunlight. It gives a truer idea of the actual colors in the blossoms.

We are still in the depths of winter here in northern Utah. It was -5 the night before last at my place. The snow has not begun to melt yet. Speaking of snow, a week ago on Saturday I was snow boarding at our local resort 45 minutes away in the most perfect powder. I was going too fast in deep powder through a pretty thick stand of trees, and blew out my knee when I wrapped my board around an aspen. My snow boarding season abruptly ended too soon this year! I'm now hoping it's better by mountain biking season. I'm glad your son had the chance of boarding in the dry powder here in the Rocky Mountains. It's awesome! There's nothing better than floating on new dry powder. It's like riding on a cloud.

No-clue, the plumeria in this post is one I grew from seed I purchased 3 years ago. Seedlings bloom quite early if you have them under grow lights when they are not outside in the summer sun. I've had 2 year old seedlings bloom before. Good luck everyone!

Desert Rose in bloom that I brought up from my basement grow light room:

Picture of the plumeria in the daylight:

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Arctic, that seedling looks like a more beautiful version of My Valentine, and the scent sounds to-die-for! Great job getting her to bloom! I like the name Laura suggested, too.

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Thanks, Jandey. I sure wish I knew the parentage! I smelled a newly opened blossom and not only does it have hints of gardenia and rose, but also has a spicy note. For a moment I thought maybe I was mistaken and was looking at my Vera Cruz Rose plant in bloom, but it's a different plant in my collection that still has it's label, so this is definitely a seedling.

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If I would ever name her, how about "Arctic Sunrise"? I suppose the white in the flowers would give it the reason to name it Arctic, and the red, pink and yellow color to represent a sunrise?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Kevin,

I really like the name...sounds perfect for the colors and the history of this beauty! So, we will anticipate the beginning of "Arctic Sunrise"

The coloration does represent all of the above and since it is from the "arctic tropical " grower... It seems appropriate . I would love to smell the fragrance of this one...that is one gorgeous bloom!

Jen is right... I bet the fragrance is to die for...

Love the color of your DR too! Lol.. YOU talk of my gardening? If others could see your set up and what you grow... They would be amazed as I was.. So, don't you think for one moment .. Lol... You are in Utah! The tropicals and palms and other plants you have are awesome... Your yard in the spring with the snow capped Rockies in the background are to die for... You are the gardening pro! I just have a few... :)

So sorry to here about your knee. Will they or have you had surgery? My DH just had a full knee replacement and it has been tough...

I certainly hope your knee gets better soon, What a terrible accident..My son was telling me about the trees and the hidden stumps...worried me to death. But I know he had a ball. It isn't everyday when you have conditions like that.. You snowboarders... There is no " boundaries". Is there? He especially liked boarding between the Aspens and other trees... But in that powder, it's so hard to " move those trees" when they get in the way. He told me about a few close calls once he was home.. Sheesh! I'll stick to skiing. I did try boarding a few years back.. Didn't have a problem with all of the basics, but once you catch an edge... BAM! You are down quick. Once I saw stars and I thought " why am I doing this... I can ski any mountain, so why am I beating myself up ..." I haven't tried boarding since, :-)

Love the champagne powder... I only had that chance once,. that was in Aspen. What a place... Whistler, BC had good powder, but nothing like our Rockies...

Most of my DR 's are waking up before my Plumeria, but the Plumies are starting to stretch and yawn.. ;-). they are ready to grow and bloom. Hopefully, I will have a good season like last year.

Good luck with your knee, Kevin... Be careful this spring.. Have your strong son help you with those palms.. I'll be looking for the pics on the other forum!

Lynn .. I would love to visit you some day...thank you for the invite! How kind! There is this wonderful restaurant in Laguna..... I had to hide my map to this place when I was there last... The secret map may reappear soon! Lol... Great places to see out your way.. You are so lucky!

Believe me, not everything grows for me... Lol! I wish that was true...thank you for the kind words... So sweet!

Thank you again.


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WOW! That is a keeper for sure. Just beautiful!

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Thanks Powderpuff. It's still blooming away! No end in sight.

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