marigolds wilting

weebayMay 26, 2006


All of my marigolds leaves are turning brown and curling or wilting and dying. they were planted a few weeks ago in containers. It was unseasonably cool and wet here for a few weeks, so I thought maybe they had a fungus or root rot. But, I pulled them out of their pots to check their roots and they look healthy and growing.

They are all in containers with a good soiless mix. I have them in three separate containers with other annuals. The other annuals have been doing fine.

I can't see any kind of bug or caterpillar. So I have no idea.

I actually sprayed it with some insecticidal soap to just be sure and at different times with a water and hydrogen peroxide mix ( I was using this on some seedlings with damping off).

I've always considered marigolds to be fool proof, so I am really stumped by this one. Even though I know I can easily replace them, I am very curious to figure out what this is. Any suggestions would be great!

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