Musa Basjoo

andyandy(6bMI)June 20, 2012

These made it through our mild winter with flying colors. i suspect they could be 15-18 feet by the end of summer

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They are really big already, is this a recent pic? Did you do anything to help them survive? Mine did terrible last summer but they survived the winter and are growing fast now. If all goes well they might be a nice size in a few years. So far they put out 4 leaves this year which is pretty good growth for June.

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This was taken last night, it rained Sunday and Monday and with the 90s now you can almost see them growing. they started growing march when we had 10 strait days in the 70s and 80s.then we had some freezes so the new growth died off. This is the 1st winter I got them to live through. I just piled a bunch of Maple leaves over them. it helped that it was the mildest winter I can remember. I haven't even fertilized them.

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